Download BYOND
Can create games on multiple platforms. Windows is required to play.

BYOND makes it easy to get up and running with a multiplayer networked game without you having to do any extra programming work at all. The programming language is easy to learn and to work with, but it allows you to do more than most game engines that just set up a few script triggers. BYOND can handle everything from RPGs to strategy games to board games and much more.

The BYOND engine is free to use for creating and playing games. Publishing your game on our website is easy. If you want to use your creation to make some money, BYOND helps you by integrating subscription options right into our site and the game language itself. A common option is to make a game that's free to play, and give extra perks to subscribers.

Want to see how easy it is to make a game? This is the entire code for a bare-bones chat program:

mob/verb/Say(message as text)
    world << "[usr] says: [message]"

That's it! Really!