Simple and sweet buffing system
Create imaginary sound, for the concept of sound-triggers for AI
Manage CPU usage by using bounds and collision detection to trigger AI
Demo for Realms library
by Kaiochao | May 20
Tags: maps
Spaces on the map that can be duplicated, allocated, and stored.
by Kaiochao | May 19
Tags: utility
Easy macros for common lazy patterns.
by Kaiochao | May 19
Tags: movement
CrossedOther, UncrossedOther, BumpedBy
A safe weak reference to a datum.
Demonstrates how to send messages to Discord.
by Kaiochao | May 4
Tags: lists
Higher-order list functions.
by Kaiochao | May 4
Tags: movement
Helpers for pixel movement.
by Kaiochao | May 4
Tags: input
Tracks press and hold times and has a looping repeat callback.
by Kaiochao | May 4
Tags: input
Tracks buttons.
by Kaiochao | May 4
Tags: maps, utility
Requires TileWidth and TileHeight to be defined. Does nothing else.
Returns the matrix that transforms an icon of specified size into a line of specified thickness along a given vector.
Simple visual effect for showing cloud shadows on the ground that move!
by Legobumb | Apr 8
Incredibly simplistic AI
A simple demo showing how to handle stats like health and strength in a game.
Shortens large numbers into an abbreviated form
by PopLava | Feb 26
Tags: demo, economy, numbers
Provides examples of how to do coin and text animations with large number support
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Simple and sweet buffing system
mob/var list items stats equipment level exp; maxexp mob/Login() items = new stats = list( "HP" = list(10,10), "STR" = …