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This library will enable gamepad capabilities within the web client.
See what's fun about image.override!
Helper functions for pixel movement worlds.
by Mr_Goober | Oct 1
Tags: lists
Wrapper for the /list data type
by Mr_Goober | Oct 1
Tags: icons
Turns images into hex data and back
by Inuyashaisbest | Sep 22
Tags: admin, demo
Banning done easy.
A markup language designed for use in BYOND Projects
by Audio freak XD | Sep 7
Tags: admin, demo
Ban from just looking at someone's user name instead of addresses.
Simple plug-in library to add nametags to your games!
Want text slowly typed on the player's screen? This is what you need. (Uses 2 examples: maptext and output)
by Pirion | Jul 27
Tags: stats, utility
This library creates a container that allows you to store a single value within minimum and maximum constants.
You can SEARCH for what you want! :)
A library that shows how to create a dialogue system with NPCs. (All interface based)
A library that shows you how to create a custom context menu using the interface.
by Ssj4justdale | Jul 9
Tags: algorithm, hash
Include more modern-like hashing algorithms into your BYOND creations.
A little library that shows you how to create custom alerts,switch,input with fading animations.
by Zecronious | Jul 1
Tags: crafting
Add simple easy to use crafting to your game.
A tracer tool for debugging.
by Lugia319 | Jun 26
Tags: crafting
Provides an easy way to generate lists of craftable objects (comes with demo).
by Lugia319 | Jun 26
Tags: math, matrix
DM doesn't have default matrices, now it does.
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