by Softloq | Jan 12
Tags: framework
Extra BYOND functionalities
Make your own game! No coding required. Just add your own map!
by Softloq | Jan 8
Tags: gui
Drag N' Drop UI Builder for the Map
Mersenne Twister implementation
ChaCha20 encryption implementation
Allows for the use of pixel movement.
by Aiota | Dec 20 2018
A simplified way to handle UI interfaces.
A super lightweight and aesthetic day/night mechanic!
by Spevacus | Nov 24 2018
Tags: admin, chat
Fire and forget mutes that persist through logouts, with ShadowMute!
by Stormbreak3r | Nov 7 2018
Just some old fashion rp
A fully commented template to get you started on your very own RTS
by Kaiochao | Aug 30 2018
A collection of useful code files.
A simple Story mode demo of Pondera.
by Orange55 | Jul 14 2018
Quick little tutorial
Wanna see hundreds of units fight each other to the death?
by Tafe | Apr 18 2018
A fast and effective shadow utility for any atom.(broken atm)
by Konlet | Apr 6 2018
Tags: interface
I prefer typing to clicking.
by Tafe | Mar 13 2018
A simple HUD framework
by Tafe | Mar 10 2018
Foundation dependency to all of Owl_ libraries
by Tafe | Mar 3 2018
A somewhat viable guild system.
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You might be a BYONDer if you decorate your Christmas tree with atoms instead of ornaments.

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Extra BYOND functionalities
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Easy enough for a blob, powerful enough for an archmage.