Some trash I wrote when I was a teenager
by Zelldot | Oct 16 2021
Tags: ai, bot, chat, npc, rpg
AI chat bot plugin for BYOND games
by Xooxer | Sep 22 2021
Tags: chat, maps
Chat on the map!
by Johan411 | Jun 14 2021
Generates a code file for you based on the icon states within the icon supplied
by Alexkar598 | Jun 14 2021
BYOND JSON (de)serialization with versioning and type checking
by Johan411 | May 31 2021
Tags: input
An alternative to alerts/text input
by Domdavden | Apr 14 2021
Framework for a multiplayer RPG with Familiar Breeding, Combat & Discovery
by Kaiochao | Dec 31 2020
Tags: algorithm
Pick from an associative list of weights by value.
A scroll for claiming land!
by Kozuma3 | Nov 28 2020
Tags: 3d, raycasting
My raycaster thing o-o
Interact with the mouse more easily and more concisely
Abstract slot object datum that can be used for bag slots, skill slots, etc
by Legobumb | Jun 20 2020
Updated version of my Lego Buffs demo, now in lib form
by Legobumb | Jun 20 2020
Just a basic "clean up" proc to aid in things being garbage collected
by Legobumb | Jun 13 2020
Turned my Lego Stats demo into an easy to include lib
by Legobumb | Jun 11 2020
A simple stopwatch style library that's pretty versatile.
by Legobumb | Jun 11 2020
Display damage numbers over atoms like other games
Demo tutorial to get you started.
by Supertino1467 | Feb 11 2020
Tags: demo
A very simple in-game tutorial guide as an object in user inventory.
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Some trash I wrote when I was a teenager
A directory for all of my Deep Dives, freely accessible to everyone!
by Kozuma3 | Oct 24
Pathfinding, with extra steps.