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A tracer tool for debugging.
by Lugia319 | Jun 26
Tags: crafting
Provides an easy way to generate lists of craftable objects (comes with demo).
by Lugia319 | Jun 26
Tags: math, matrix
DM doesn't have default matrices, now it does.
by Ter13 | Jun 26
A DMM importer/processor for merging autotiles.
by Ter13 | Jun 26
A quick way to import, format, and process animated autotiles.
by Ssj4justdale | Jun 25
Tags: output
Retrieve outputs from command prompt 3x faster than BYOND does it.
Some projectile functions
by Edit Nero | Jun 2
Tags: admin, demo
A great collaboration of verbs for staff use!
by Taitz | May 24
Tags: rpg, statistics, stats
A statistic library to make the handling of stats and vitals easier.
by Stephen001 | May 17
A configurable logging library in the style of log4j
by Gazoot | Apr 13
Proof-of-concept how to calculate maptext width and height.
by GreenShaymin | Mar 12
Tags: admin
In this, you can see all the whispers for only GM's!
by Audeuro | Mar 7
Tags: json, parser, utility
Easy to use JSON parser
by Oasiscircle | Feb 16
Tags: drawing
Line Drawing
Irritated that offsets like pixel_x/y/z don't work properly on clients screens? Then this library is for you!
by Falcon lazorz | Feb 3
Tags: speech
An incredibly basic Narrator.
by Ssj4justdale | Jan 31
Tags: url
Have you ever wanted to swap urls with per-say, short urls?
by Lugia319 | Jan 28
Tags: movement
Some pixel functions
by Genesismagician | Jan 28
Tags: login
Generate Short URLS from within BYOND games as well as replace urls that are said with short urls.
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