by Dajinomight | Sep 30
Tags: math
A Vector datum library with overloaded operators
100% Free to Use artwork for your projects.
Handle attack/skill cooldown periods flexibly and simply (supports saving)
by Woo | Aug 24
Tags: hud, npc, rpg, text, words
Windows that appear as a heads-up display, with on-screen text. Perfect for RPGs, games with a story component, and any ...
by Lilius | Aug 22
Tags: art, icons
Free little sprite sheet of some furniture.
Handle generic temporary combat effects efficiently and cleanly
by Klogaum | Aug 18
Tags: admin
Start Your Game / Inicie um jogo
Simple library to scale your bounds.
GUI Focus Mapping allows for game ui to easily be supported by controllers
Smooth, beautiful tile-based movement. Perfect for classic RPGs. Includes a variable for an alternate speed when holding ...
by Yut Put | Aug 10
the engine i use to :makgam:
More old buttons, a bit more random this time.
Automatically enters full screen when logging in, and allows toggling full screen using Escape or F4.
My life's work, 100% free.
Modular Game Lobby System
Inventory appears as a heads-up display, with the selected item equipped for use. Includes variables for inventory ...
by Kaiochao | Jul 27
Tags: math
vector2(x, y)
by Kaiochao | Jul 26
Tags: movement
Move by a pixel vector.
Adds a function that allows you to clean and sanitize text.
by Kozuma3 | Jul 25
The ability to easily create clickable html/text links in-game to call functions.
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Trick or Treat!
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