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by Sariat | Apr 4 2002
Tags: overlays
Wear clothes and change thier colors! Total Custimazation!
by Shadowdarke | Mar 7 2002
Tags: procs
A collection of general purpose procs I use often in my own projects.
by Kunark | Feb 28 2002
Tags: movement
Shows how to make a non-buggy walking delay for PCs
by AbyssDragon | Feb 22 2002
Tags: math
Standard Geometric and Mathematical procs for every project
by Ebonshadow | Feb 18 2002
Tags: maps
Use this library to create mini-maps for use in your games.
by Gughunter | Feb 6 2002
Tags: maps
An easy, if cheesy, method of creating 3D-like elevated terrain.
by Darkness | Jan 27 2002
Tags: encryption
BEA (Byond Encryption Algorithm)
by Shadowdarke | Jan 21 2002
Tags: screen-text
Display text on any atom! Includes mobile chat balloons and client.screen (HUD) based text/input boxes.
by Dantom | Jan 7 2002
Tags: hud
Position screen objects in the map editor.
by Ebonshadow | Jan 5 2002
Tags: multitile
Multi-tile mob demonstration using the Movement Library
by Vortezz | Jan 2 2002
Tags: icons
Grow beards and tan with this snippet! Includes demo!
by Deadron | Jan 2 2002
Tags: movement
Helpful functions for handling directions and random movement.
by Deadron | Jan 2 2002
List sorting functions.
by Deadron | Jan 2 2002
Tags: debugging
Debug your games by looking inside objects or savefiles at runtime.
by Sariat | Dec 18 2001
Tags: views
See what other people see! Handy code snippet!
by Sariat | Dec 17 2001
Tags: effects
Motion is a demo that shows you how to have an interactive enviroment! You can have things like natural streams or man ...
by Shadowdarke | Dec 13 2001
Tags: autojoin
Automerge code from any turf, obj, or mob
by AbyssDragon | Dec 10 2001
Tags: math
All-Purpose Expression Evaluator (mostly mathematical at this point)
by Jmurph | Dec 2 2001
Tags: spawn
This simple, commented example shows how to have obj's that periodically spawn mobs.
by Shadowdarke | Nov 28 2001
Tags: screen-text
Display text directly on the map!
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