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by Sariat | Dec 17 2001
Tags: effects
Motion is a demo that shows you how to have an interactive enviroment! You can have things like natural streams or man ...
by Shadowdarke | Dec 13 2001
Tags: autojoin
Automerge code from any turf, obj, or mob
by AbyssDragon | Dec 10 2001
Tags: math
All-Purpose Expression Evaluator (mostly mathematical at this point)
by Jmurph | Dec 2 2001
Tags: spawn
This simple, commented example shows how to have obj's that periodically spawn mobs.
by Shadowdarke | Nov 28 2001
Tags: screen-text
Display text directly on the map!
by AbyssDragon | Oct 31 2001
Tags: maps
Assign names to maps in place of z levels
by Dantom | Oct 28 2001
Tags: zip
Create or extract zip archives from within DM.
by Sariat | Oct 27 2001
Tags: sound
A tutorial on how to include sound with your game!
by Shadowdarke | Oct 19 2001
Tags: maps
Customizable random dungeon generator
by Sariat | Oct 13 2001
Tags: effects
Code Snippet on how to make explosions!
by Theodis | Sep 30 2001
Tags: text
Replaces selected words with a string of symbols
by Ebonshadow | Sep 13 2001
Tags: movement
This library is used to easily manipulate an atom's movement. Features include the ability to easily stun an atom for a ...
by Shadowdarke | Sep 6 2001
Tags: effects
Two ways to do day/night cycles, simple weather displays, and a demonstration how to change a turf from one area to ...
by Deadron | Aug 31 2001
Tags: admin
A library to keep track of the players who are in the game.
by Dantom | Aug 21 2001
Tags: source
BYOND Home. Go way beyond chat.
by Deadron | Aug 12 2001
Tags: events
A demo using Deadron's Event Loop library.
by Air Mapster | Aug 9 2001
Tags: debugging
Save debug messages and send them to a central server for later perusal.
by Gazoot | Jul 24 2001
Tags: maps
Dump your map files straight into a .dmp for instant editing!
by Vortezz | Jul 18 2001
Tags: characters
Let your players choose their class! Read over the code for an example!
by Deadron | Jul 14 2001
Tags: pathfinding
Provides the base_StepTowards() function, which uses A* pathing to create intelligent paths no matter how complicated ...
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