Load and save DMM files dynamically
Commonly used operations
A short demo to show off sql4dm
Use an SQLite database backend for your world
Record changes to your SQL databases and manage upgrades
Use a MySQL/MariaDB database backend for your world
Suite of libraries to manage SQL databases
Generate sample points for drawing Bézier curves.
by Popisfizzy | Apr 8
Tags: math, numbers
Double, triple, and quadruple-precision integers, both signed and unsigned.
A way to authenticate open messages sent between two servers.
by Kozuma3 | Feb 20
Makes creating in-game interfaces easier.
Source code for an in-progress dynamic lighting and shadow casting system
This is almost nothing just look and see if we should continue.
by Nadrew | Feb 9
Tags: lighting
Just a quick dynamic lighting test. (Requires version 510.1321+)
A handful of skillbar graphics for spells.
by Konlet | Dec 22 2015
Tags: utility
Hook atoms together to share properties and events.
by Rotem12 | Dec 17 2015
Tags: effects, graphics
Color matrix helper datum
Free source code!
by Avidanimefan | Dec 9 2015
Tags: effects, lighting
The original that took BYOND by storm.
by Danielkage | Dec 8 2015
Tags: beginner, source
Your First World traduzido em PT-BR download na desc
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