Popularity Date
by InuTracy | May 22 2004
Tags: mud
Mud Starter Kit by InuTracy
by InuTracy | May 22 2004
Tags: combat
Combat System by InuTracy
by Vancegetto | Apr 12 2004
Simple little report bug demo
by Theodis | Apr 11 2004
Tags: effects
A library for generating intersting explosions
by Shadowdarke | Apr 7 2004
Tags: interface
A demonstration of the sd_Alert library.
by Gazoot | Mar 7 2004
Tags: ai
A library for implementing Fuzzy Logic in your games
by Malver | Feb 10 2004
Plug-in customizable "floating" text library for textmode!
by Scoobert | Jan 20 2004
Tags: autojoin
A great way to get rid of tilism
by Volte | Jan 16 2004
Tags: website-info
A small collection of procedures to parse information from (certain) websites.
by Foomer | Jan 8 2004
Tags: autojoin
An example of how to autojoin 13-tile terrain.
by Maz | Dec 26 2003
Tags: source
Windoze source. :)
by Volte | Dec 18 2003
Tags: effects
A simple demo to teach you how to add lightning to your game.
by Volte | Dec 14 2003
Tags: text
Create wildcards with your text.
by Volte | Nov 23 2003
Tags: words
Return a list of definitions as described by Dictionary.com
Add/remove people from your list, message them, and check their status!
by Zaltron | Sep 7 2003
Tags: ai
A library with pet control for your game.
by Zaltron | Sep 6 2003
Tags: party
A party system lib for use in your game.
by Zaltron | Sep 6 2003
Tags: events
Great for using when you teleport to another place or when you want an event to take place or when you sleep.
by FinalFantasyFreak | Aug 11 2003
Tags: components
This demo is a basic security system for a game, with trip wires in it.(Good for fast paced games)
by Kunark | Aug 8 2003
Tags: emoticons
My smileys for s_smiley by spuzzum.
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