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by Volte | May 8 2003
Tags: lists
An example of how to use multi-dimensional lists, to create a wicki-type program. (Not commented)
by Jotdaniel | Apr 18 2003
Tags: effects
Generates randomly placed and sized circles of stars.
by Foomer | Apr 8 2003
Tags: maps
Example of how to create stairways between maps using tags.
by Sariat | Apr 7 2003
Tags: chat
BBB Chat system
by Maz | Mar 31 2003
Tags: movement
Alternate movement library, plug and play.
by Volte | Mar 30 2003
Tags: source
The source code to Volte's 3D Maze
by Jotdaniel | Mar 11 2003
Tags: effects, hud
My own demo for stat meters.
by Volte | Mar 7 2003
Tags: effects, stats
Make Diablo-style stat globes on screen.
by Flick | Feb 17 2003
Tags: interface
A small demo of my F_Click_Menu library
by Flick | Jan 30 2003
Tags: overlays
Just a bit of a demo for scoobert explaining how overlay icon_states work
Fast and easy dynamic lighting
by Gughunter | Dec 12 2002
Tags: mouse
Who needs macros when you've got mouse gestures?
by Shadowdarke | Nov 25 2002
Tags: source
Eat to live, live to eat, all in under 4096 bytes of source code!
by Ebonshadow | Oct 18 2002
Tags: procs
A set of useful procs for handling lists.
by Leftley | Sep 16 2002
Tags: source
Source code for the game Treasure Seeker Classic (not for the faint of heart!)
by Garthor | Sep 1 2002
Tags: effects, maps
Creates a map full of stars.
by Buzzyboy | Aug 27 2002
Tags: savefiles
3 Slots, saving loading and other stuff
by Ebonshadow | Jul 28 2002
Tags: movement
A small snippet that may be used to add pixel movement into your games!
by Ebonshadow | Jul 20 2002
Tags: icons
This library allows you to simulate more than one DMI inside a DMI file.
by Lesbian Assassin | Jul 2 2002
Tags: game-content
A few interesting levels for Rockrunner.
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