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Version 1.3
Date added: Dec 27 2007
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Game Verbs,Well Polished Coding,Version 1.3 [More]
Verbs For Game's For Anime,Rpg,Action,Casual,And Strategy.This Demo Is Basically Made To Help New Coders Learn And Have A Great Game.


Note:Please Leave Credit's,This Is Verbs Are completely Free to Use.The Project Files Will Be posted shortly,We Are Fixing bugs and glitche's.Thank you for your cooperation.

Please Support Us As We Make New Verbs,And please Rank Our Game At

Version 1.3 Updates

Added Enforcer Verbs ( Ban,mute,world mute,boot,ip ban,jail,unjail,delete save file,and more.)
Added Owner Verbs ( Ban,Mute,Boot,world Mute,Ip ban,Jail,Unjail,Delete Save File,Max Boost,Medium Boost,Small boost,and more.)
Added A Free Hud Demo ( It Wil Contain some Bug's,But We will Fix It On Version 1.4)

Version 1.2 Updates

Added Save Verb
Added Trade Verb
Added Staff Online Verb
Added Spamguard Dm file
Added Lag Guard
Added OOC verb
Added Say Verb
Added Whisper Verb

Version 1.0 Updates

Added Who Verb
Added Send File Verb
Added Attack Verb + A Base Icon
Fixed Neccesary Bugs