by Kakashi24142
Ever wanted to save savefiles in a central server so players can access their save from any server? Well here's your chance! With 3 simple steps you can get K_Network_Save ready and working! [More]

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Version 1.1
Date added: Mar 27 2008
Last updated: Jul 13 2008
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Version 1.1

-Redid the major parts of the system
-Save() and Load() now save on the actual server rather than the central server if the central server is down.
-I will be keeping the comments until I'm sure there are no bugs.

K_Network_Save is a simple library that lets you retrieve saves and send saves to a central server so if your game
has multiple servers, all the savefiles will be stored in one server.

There are only a few minor things you have to change to get this up and working:

Step 1
In Home_Server.dm:
1.)Change the CENTRAL_SERVER var to the byond address of the server that will hold all the saves.
2.)You see the Save() and Load() procs? Well I added a comment in where you can do your normal procedures
for saving and loading. Just copy/paste.
Optional: Change the path of SAVE_FOLDER to your liking. It is not required.
Step 2
Host Central_Server.dmb on some server.(You need to compile it first.)
Step 3
Include this library in your main project before packaging the host files.
(I recommend just copying and pasting instead and changing as needed.)

You're up and ready to go!

If anyone has any suggestions to improve this library, let me know.

Know of any bugs? Let me know:
-Post on my guild forums.
-IM me on MSN at [email protected]
-Email me at [email protected]