by Mopped Assassin
Open Source: Learn to count to 100 in Japanese, German and French. Understand the numbering systems. Learn some coding while you're at it. [More]
To download this demo for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://MoppedAssassin.LearningMachine##version=0

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 1.2
Date added: Oct 26 2006
Last updated: Jul 29 2009
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Learn to count to 100 in 3 languages (Japanese, German and French), using 4 counting exercises.
Counting systems are revised/explained to make things as simple as possible.

The exercises include:
  • Translating French/German/Japanese into Numbers
  • Simple Addition in French/German/Japanese
  • Further Addition in French/German/Japanese
  • Subtraction in French/German/Japanese

Anyway, obviously this is open source, and you can have a look at the methods I've used to set all the numbers up. Possibly good examples for beginners/intermediate coders.
It's barely commented so you're gonna have to work out what I'm doing on your own, mostly.

Soon to Come (...maybe)
  • More counting exercises
  • More languages to count in, such as Spanish
  • A full text-based language RPG featuring 100+ vocabulary upgrades, General Knowledge Battle Mode, anti-education monsters and hundreds of terribly designed school curriculums for you to battle with and overcome - all in Single Player Mode, or you can team up with fellow educated teenagers and go head-to-head in Team Wordmatch, Mental Domination or Co-Operative Language Teacher Ultimate Destruction Fantasy Battle Mode!
  • That last one was a lie.


SoulGamesProductions: (May 23 2016, 6:22 pm)
Woowwww I dont know why but I never saw this.
Good job !