Duel Monsters Millennia Source

by Nailez
Duel Monsters Millennia Source
Source code to Duel Monsters Millennia [More]

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Version 0.7a
Date added: Aug 12 2016
Last updated: Aug 13 2016
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After going through some things and not being able to work on it. I decided to release the complete soure code to Duel Monsters Millennia.

This is the full game as of version 0.7a.

I hope someone can continue this and make it something amazing!

Note: I am not the best programmer in the world (actually this is my first proper project and I only used it to learn the BYOND language and improve my programming) and because of that there are most likely areas that can be further optimised and improved.

I have not documented any of the code so there will be a lot of deciphering but it is pretty simple when you have a think about it and I believe the files are well organised.


Yusei195: (Aug 16 2016, 12:12 am)
please can you keep working on this, I really miss a game like this, reminds me of duel monsters online