Clan Destined

by Saucepan Man
Beginnings of an abandoned Naruto MMORPG, released for general consumption. Click "Documentation" for the download. Apparently BYOND doesn't support MEGA.NZ download links [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 1.0
Date added: Sep 3 2016
Last updated: Sep 4 2016
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Intended to be the successor to my previous game, C.D. boasts simpler (yet more advanced) code, with a modular skill system. This means adding and updating skills is super simple.

It also has a really elegant character selection and creation screen.

Other than that, it has the basic beginnings of the game including NPC interaction, a few basic skills, crude damage, death, and respawning, and an introductory GUI.

Free to use, just be aware some of the content included may attract an I.P. claim from the owners of the Naruto franchise (such as imagery and a few names).


Saucepan Man: (Sep 16 2016, 8:08 am)
I dare go as far to say as it's probably prettier, with regards to the creation/login UI. But I can't comment on whether his code is better/more efficient - it probably is. Although I am particularly proud of how modular my spell/skill system is. New spell creation just requires a few variables be defined.
Tac: (Sep 9 2016, 7:33 pm)
its a trojan he didn't upload it to byond. kidding its rather nice honestly you should just make this an rpg framework its alot better than forum accounts
Saucepan Man: (Sep 4 2016, 6:23 pm)
Ganite wrote:
how to download

Just working on that! Sorry, don't know whats up. There's the exact same file/link on my SoL page right now (amongst the "update" post) or just go here:!g4Y31YJL!ki_LazPbSX71x1RFZYaFhlaYJOAhn0-n0 DCf1NU4q-g
Ganite: (Sep 4 2016, 6:06 pm)
how to download