by Shadowdarke
A collection of useful map generation tools. [More]
To download this library for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Shadowdarke.sd_MapSuite##version=12

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 12
Date added: Jan 27 2004
Last updated: Jul 29 2009
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Version 12 07/18/07
  • Modified sd_GetEmptyTurf() so that it will not try the same turf more than once and fixed an error in the proc.

  • The demo will now move your mob to an empty turf if you generate a new map and it creates a wall where your mob is. (ACWraith)

  • The demo icons use full path notation so the demo can be compiled without the FILE_DIR preference sellected. (Nadrew)

  • Version 11 06/15/07
    Repackaged to make the demo presets file an actual demo file. It was mistakenly included as a regular file, which would include it in any project that included the library.

    Version 10 06/11/07
  • Submitted to BYONDscape for public release!

  • Much more documentation.

  • Presets in the demo. Just click a preset style in the statpanel to generate a map and populate the generator form.

  • Some tweaks on the door placement in rogue-like maps.

  • Empty passages no longer flow into the mapedges.

  • Fixed some problems with the maze rooms.

  • Version 9 06/09/07
  • Added comments for upcoming public release.

  • Improved the portal placement code in rogue-like dungeons.

  • Added the sd_MapRoom/maze type.

  • Added the sd_MapRoom proc ProtectedZone() for rooms like the maze room to protect certain turfs from becoming passages.

  • Version 8 06/26/06
    Fixed a glitch with "Full Maze" style maps that caused it to occasionally have one less row and or column of nodes than it should.

    Version 7 04/24/06
    The list returned by sd_PathTurfs() is now an associated list of directions indexed by turf. That is:
    return_list[turf] = dir the path took through this turf