The DM Snippet Directory

Hello and welcome to The DM Snippet Directory. Here you will find links to small selections of code that have been created by the members of the BYOND community and can be freely used in your projects. Many of these snippets will provide functionality that does not come packaged with BYOND, while other snippets will demonstrate a potentially useful concept.

With over 200 snippets (and growing) currently available, they have been classified in according to what the snippet most closely effects. The table of contents outlines the several classification categories of which clicking will direct you to the expected category. In each category, the snippets are listed by name in ascending alphabetical order.

Snippet authors take notice!: To ensure that your snippet is added to The DM Snippet Directory in the appropriate category, please contact an active BYOND moderator after you have published your snippet in the Tutorials & Snippets subforum.

Table of Contents: