Supported HTML Tags

DM (actually Dream Seeker) supports a number of tags for formatting output in the terminal window. Wherever possible, the standard HTML syntax has been employed. For a discussion of this topic, see section 11.4.

Stylistic Tags

<B></B> bold
<BIG></BIG> bigger text
<FONT></FONT> font face, size, and color
<I></I> italic
<S></S> overstrike
<SMALL></SMALL> smaller text
<TT></TT> teletype style
<U></U> underline

Contextual Tags


acronym or abbreviation
<EM></EM> emphasized text
<CITE></CITE> citation reference
<CODE></CODE> computer code
<DFN></DFN> term definition
<KBD></KBD> keyboard input
<SAMP></SAMP> sample output
<SPAN></SPAN> generic classifier
<STRONG></STRONG> strongly emphasized text
<VAR></VAR> variable name

Block Level Tags

<DIV></DIV> generic block classifier
<H1></H1> heading level 1
<H2></H2> heading level 2
<H3></H3> heading level 3
<H4></H4> heading level 4
<H5></H5> heading level 5
<H6></H6> heading level 6
<P></P> paragraph
<PRE></PRE> preformatted text
<XMP></XMP> preformatted text (tags inside ignored)

Miscellaneous Tags


anchor (for hyperlinks)
<BEEP> make a beeping sound (DM extension)
<BR> line break
<HR> horizontal rule (i.e. a separator)
<IMG></IMG> inline icons (generated by \icon)

Document Level Tags

<BODY></BODY> document body
<HEAD></HEAD> document head section
<HTML></HTML> HTML document
<TITLE></TITLE> document title
<STYLE></STYLE> style sheet