Bleach Forgotten Gods

by 981014
Bleach Forgotten Gods
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Bleach: Forgotten GODS

FORGOTTEN GODS is a game made by fans for fans, all icons, turfs and code belongs to their respectful owners and we have no claim on them. Enjoy this new wonderful BLEACH game which is updated frequently.

Owner/Creator: Odko
Co-Owner: Tarundbz
Host: Power
Admin: Leon, New Light
Head GM: Jackieman

Hey Guys Odko here,
Am just here to say that am changing Demo to Full Verion.
My Ideas are adding

New Race:
Sinners (From Bleach Movie 4)
Zan Spirit

Hp and Reiatsu Bar on a player
Hollow Training System if i can add it
Decent Log Training
Decent Leveling System
Mission Training
Image Say System.

This is all my ideas. And if want me to add more things just comment your suggestion and all ^^ i will try to add everything you guys suggest