Posting Guidelines

Welcome, prospective contributor to the BYOND community! Before you proceed, please read the following short list of guidelines. It'll only take a minute, and, as long as you agree to follow the rules, we'll never bug you about it again!

1) Don't be a jerk. This mostly means: don't make personal attacks. You can criticize the content of a post, but not the poster. Attacking posters just leads to flame wars, which are a big waste of everyone's time. We are going to be very aggressive in dealing with "trolls" in this community.

2) Don't be vulgar. A lot of kids read this stuff. Don't post anything you couldn't let your ten-year old brother read (or if your ten-year old brother has a mouth like a filthy sailor, pretend he's Amish). This means keep the profanity to a minimum, don't post nasty pictures, and so forth. This isn't rocket science.

3) Don't troll. "Trolling" is posting with the intention of inciting a user or group, or otherwise getting a reaction that contributes nothing but negative energy to the discussion. This is probably the easiest way to bring down a good community.

4) Don't spam. We want you to advertise your creations here. The different forums have various regulations for the content they accept. But don't post the same thing multiple times. If you post in the wrong place—don't worry; the moderators will take care of it.

That's it. Follow these rules and you'll be happy (but, more importantly, we'll be happy).

Don't follow them, and all that's going to happen is your posts will get deleted and you'll probably get banned.

Happy posting!