Retrieve and organize patents.
Share files, code, pictures and music, play snake and hangman with your friends and ofcourse: chat!
Discussing todays coming update for Hazordhu II.
Fate is the eternal cycle of judgment, Only few chosen will able to break this Fate, will you be one of the chosen?
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a party-style game with many, many modes and fast action
a trippy mix between pong and volleyball
The original Failed Fate 0 made by Dalze with updates.
the small clan of half-naked people have their fort invaded by mad zombies.
This is Lizard Sphere X, not to be confused with any other thing! But if there was copyrighted material there's not any …
Perform The Haul.
VERY Simple game I did while bored, has little fun value.
Gnomes, monsters, and castles all await you in the world of Gnomeheim.
A Fantasy game made to be played with RP or PVP but only one. It is the choice of the Admins.
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Gather your friends, and embark in a fast paced multiplayer roguelike adventure!
Man has an innate fear of the dark for a reason...
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An RPG game in the building stages
A fantasy medieval world rich in lore, with a dark history of bloodshed. Role-playing mandatory.
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Hack into the Ark's System and Rescue the Terminal from Ultimate Destruction
It's a matter of life and death. And a visual novel.
Welcome to Box Survival! Try to Survival AGAINST boxes!
This "Update on Friday" thing is becoming a habit.
Help the Robot Gamera dodge rockets.
Pixelated is an addictive puzzle based strategy game that requires a mixture of skill and luck in order to accomplish.
Use your jetpack to avoid the obstacles.
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It's the zombie apocalypse. Zomg!
Now a hub for experimental rpgs....
A text-based martial arts game. Travel around the world, train, challenge friends, enter weekly tournaments, become the …
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A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open …
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A game about a stranded logger.
It's a shooting gallery!
Little blue circles shooting red circles!
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I haven't had a lot of time to work on the game lately. In addition to fixing some bugs, the next update will contain …
Come join us in a world torn apart by the evil forces of Magik.
Patch 1.6 is here and it comes with a bunch of bug fixes and couple of other tweaks.
RPG Action Adventure
A mini-maze game with multiple levels!
Be anything you desire. Anything.
We're still in shock that the game has received so much exposure in such a short period of time.
Third released project in four days.
A feature enriched chat environment with a secondary focus on mini-games.
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Another project published, huzzah.
You've been hub'd.
Battle against your friends in vector-based battlefields!
Finally finished another project.
The classic card game.
Protect your Castle and towers with the help of your minions in this single player game!
Space is a scary place when you're alone.
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Teridal now has a Facebook and Twitter.
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