A super lightweight and aesthetic day/night mechanic!
Fire and forget mutes that persist through logouts, with ShadowMute!
A fully commented template to get you started on your very own RTS
A collection of useful code files.
A simple Story mode demo of Pondera.
Version 2.1 is getting an entire overhaul. Soon I'll be able to release this as a full standalone library for public …
GVisual Lib: Game Visuals, handle managing appearances for characters and objects
GRes Lib: Game Resources. Handles databasing all of your resources for your game.
Quick little tutorial
Wanna see hundreds of units fight each other to the death?
I just released BYONDBoost Stable Version
GEmojiResources Lib: Just the assets for GEmoji
BYONDBoost Stable Release Next Week
New functions for the new beta build 512+ There are functions that needs to be added to support the new functionality …
Update 1.1 Welcome shadow update! Now compatible with atom/overlays! It took me a while to get back to this as much has …
Also, now this engine will support both platformer games and adventure RPGs.
A fast and effective shadow utility for any atom.(broken atm)
Official Setup for Projects using the BYONDBoost 2 Framework.
Basic Math, Game Loops, Hit Boxes, Twitter Emojis for your chat, Game Scenes, Window Datum, Game Camera, Game Lobbies, …
I prefer typing to clicking.
A simple HUD framework
Foundation dependency to all of Owl_ libraries
A somewhat viable guild system.
A small class, ment as a compact alternative.
Be gone old stat structures! This is something i think people should look into!
v.1.2: Demo now includes example enemy AI.
This is a collection of my byond libraries all in one to behave as a Framework to add on to your project.
GLobby Lib: Encapsulates Game Rooms and Lobbies.
GWindow Lib: Encapsulates a Window based on the Interface File (.dmf).
GScene Lib: Game Scene. Encapsulates Scenes and Scene Transitions. Used for organizing the execution order and scene …
GKeyHandler Lib: Game Key Handler for key and joystick input.
GHitBox Lib: Game HitBox for basic collision detection.
GCamera Lib: Basic Game Camera
GUpdate Lib: Decent Encapsulation of Game Updates
GUIObj Lib: Graphical User Interface Object. An object that appears on the client's screen.
GDisplay Lib: Game Display. Handles screen resolution and map resolution for the main window and map.
GLock Lib: Game Lock. Simple, yet powerful.
GEmojis Lib: Game Emojis. Emoji-Support for Byond!
GLayout Lib: Game Layout. Encapsulates a Horizontal/Vertical/Grid Layout that can be used with a map and cursor. Can …
Ahoy Folks! I just released a major update of my DMM Suite library. In case you've never used the DMM Suite, this is …
GVector Lib: Game Vector. Proper Encapsulation of a Vector.
GPrompt: Game Prompt. Properly encapsulates Byond's input() and alert() proc. Allows these prompts to be closed …
GSound Lib: Game Sound Library (Handles SFX and BGM sounds)
GConnections Lib: Game Connections.
stddef++ Lib: Byond Built-In Extensions
GFunctor Lib: Game Functor
GMath: Game Math Library
The original source code for TWC (Updated 2018).
The source code to the original Charmed Rebirth game by Hawkbane.
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