New heads-up display for health and inventory!
Comprehensive HUD-based inventory system
Wanna make an action survival game?
RPG adventure movement, new atom commands, and extra blobs!
Extra BYOND functionalities
Easy enough for a blob, powerful enough for an archmage.
Make your own game! No coding required. Just add your own map!
Drag N' Drop UI Builder for the Map
Mersenne Twister implementation
ChaCha20 encryption implementation
Allows for the use of pixel movement.
The first post-release update to my daynight library was just uploaded. The update makes some modest changes to the …
A simplified way to handle UI interfaces.
A super lightweight and aesthetic day/night mechanic!
Fire and forget mutes that persist through logouts, with ShadowMute!
A fully commented template to get you started on your very own RTS
A collection of useful code files.
A simple Story mode demo of Pondera.
Version 2.1 is getting an entire overhaul. Soon I'll be able to release this as a full standalone library for public …
Quick little tutorial
Wanna see hundreds of units fight each other to the death?
New functions for the new beta build 512+ There are functions that needs to be added to support the new functionality …
Update 1.1 Welcome shadow update! Now compatible with atom/overlays! It took me a while to get back to this as much has …
A fast and effective shadow utility for any atom.(broken atm)
I prefer typing to clicking.
A simple HUD framework
Foundation dependency to all of Owl_ libraries
A somewhat viable guild system.
A small class, ment as a compact alternative.
Be gone old stat structures! This is something i think people should look into!
Ahoy Folks! I just released a major update of my DMM Suite library. In case you've never used the DMM Suite, this is …
The original source code for TWC (Updated 2018).
The source code to the original Charmed Rebirth game by Hawkbane.
The source code to the original Charmed Online.
Operator overloading! And some other things too!
Easy, minimal impact event watchers
Listing: Datum: event_watching var event_watchers var AddEventWatcher() RemoveEventWatcher() TriggerEvent() Del()
AutotileLib just saw its first update since the summer to match up with my private version of the library. The …
A Vector datum library with overloaded operators
EffectLib has been seeing extensive modification in the last several days thanks to my own private experiments behind …
Listing: Mob: cooldowns var cooldown_preserve var save_worldtime var save_realtime var getCooldown() getCooldowns() …
Handle attack/skill cooldown periods flexibly and simply (supports saving)
Thanks to work in the background on EffectLib and CooldownLib, some of my private changes have been made public …
A minor update to EffectLib was released today, EffectLib 2.2 is now stable and undergoing testing. Fixes: effect.Add() …
Windows that appear as a heads-up display, with on-screen text. Perfect for RPGs, games with a story component, and any …
Free little sprite sheet of some furniture.
This thread is all of the relevant documentation for 13.EffectLib. Please refer all discussion regarding this thread to …
EffectLib 2.0 is a full overhaul of the original EffectLib to be more condensed, easier to use, and in general better …
Handle generic temporary combat effects efficiently and cleanly
Bug fix: Improved handling of mob collisions!
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