Signed doubles and a nicer argument format!
Load and save DMM files dynamically
A new version to my "Common operations" library has just been released that offers platform-independent random number …
Commonly used operations
Ever wish you could query in-game data and display it on your website? To record statistics to query yourself later? To …
Use an SQLite database backend for your world
Record changes to your SQL databases and manage upgrades
Use a MySQL/MariaDB database backend for your world
Suite of libraries to manage SQL databases
Hi! In the near future (this week?) I'm planning to release a new version of my database operations library including …
Generate sample points for drawing Bézier curves.
Double, triple, and quadruple-precision integers, both signed and unsigned.
A way to authenticate open messages sent between two servers.
I put a little(tiny bit) of thought into it and decided to transfer this over to my older scripting language that …
Version 1 I have just recently released the source for others to try it out. It's still pretty early as it was only …
Makes creating in-game interfaces easier.
Source code for an in-progress dynamic lighting and shadow casting system
Updates - Changed circle light graphic to a smoother one, still not quite perfect but a lot better than what it was - …
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A handful of skillbar graphics for spells.
Version 1.04 adds a mode that changes how segments are placed on the map, instead of placing segments on the map they …
Hook atoms together to share properties and events.
Color matrix helper datum
Free source code!
The original that took BYOND by storm.
Your First World traduzido em PT-BR download na desc
* Included a demo * Moved all variables to client * Mouse position relative to the eye is calculated more accurately
Use a PostgreSQL database backend for your world
My keyboard lib. Capable of forwarding keys.
Makes loops for things easier!
This library implements an iterator protocol for incrementally iterating through data, for example from a data …
A library simulate dice rolls and perform handling and filtration of collections of dice.
Allows you to save portions of map files on file for later reuse.
Draw an arrow on-screen for tracking things.
A more efficient method of pathfinding.
A simple library for adding maptext input fields to your game!
Automatically stretch to integer multiples of your icon size. a2fu8bufov8dbk6/ KlogaumGuia07.rar?dl=0
Saving for the modern dev...
An assortment of RPG themed icons created by Dexdere.
Anchor HUD boxes to the world coordinates.
A simple method to pan to a certain location.
Interface-based edit command library.
An aesthetic and lightweight method of adding realistic rain to your games!
Party over here!
A demonstration of how to create dynamic electrical networks.
Interface Query acts as a string builder for combining winset() calls into one.
Full-scale particle library
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Let players zoom in and out of your map.
Need an auto targeting system, or just a targeting system in general this is the perfect library for you.
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