In this, you can see all the whispers for only GM's!
Easy to use JSON parser
Line Drawing
Irritated that offsets like pixel_x/y/z don't work properly on clients screens? Then this library is for you!
An incredibly basic Narrator.
Have you ever wanted to swap urls with per-say, short urls?
Server Manager - Version 2.0 [BUILD] Today is a great day for those few who likes and currently uses this …
Some pixel functions
The most basic login system. Allows triple slot saving, loading and deleting. Add on to this or intigrate it to your …
Generate Short URLS from within BYOND games as well as replace urls that are said with short urls.
Special thanks goes out to Lige and Fugsnarf, who both have reported minor bugs in the demo. Fugsnarf pointed out …
This library adds a few procs that will work in any environment, which allow you to determine the size of tiles and …
This library adds the /mouse datum to clients. It contains variables, such as position, relative position, and angle, …
Pixel Movement with diagonal and half-edge sliding.
A basic on-screen inventory library that also teaches some useful interface commands.For Beginners.
Signal Lite is an easier to use version of Signal, a library for generating coherent noise.
Yes, y'all heard correctly. The code as well as other assets are now on it's own dedicated GitHub Repository! …
Signal is a coherent noise generator.
This post is to keep track of a list of features to come in the next updates. These won't necessarily be in the ~next~ …
Pesky spaces in chat? I can fix that!
Version b0.4.0 -Removed redundant Update() proc under Label -Separated controls into separate DM files. -All set …
A customizable autotile generator
A: Source file state preview. B: Layer order panel. C: Layer rules checkgrid. D: Efficiency options. E: Override …
Dynamically create and control windows and controls at runtime.
A Lib full of many features
Shows how to use drop down lists in your interfaces
Shows how to use a browser window for chat output
Slider bar
A system that makes macroing easy through verbs.
Text-Stream handler class
Make a mime!
A visual demonstration of A*
Want to experiment with particles and have the code to save as well? Here you go!
Short file manager that I coded in 5 minutes.
Create a compass on-screen and have it point in a direction based on your target's position on map.
Create dynamic behavior easily!
Create and manage pools of objects for retrieval and reuse later.
Version 0.1b has been pushed, to fix a use-case issue where New() did not permit any arguments to be supplied. Set() …
Set up complex, and elegant control schemes without defining tons of verbs and procs.
Manage 2D location data easily with DatumPoint. Allows you to convert absolute coords to tile coords and vice-versa.
A Basic Audio Handler for your games. Enjoy!
This is the first update in almost a year and a half and the last update for the library itself, save for any …
Well, according to Spider.IO last Decemeber, the Internet Explorer quirk that I've been exploiting for the last four …
Recently, there has been a massive amount of people on whose computers this library no longer works. Not only that, but …
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A year in the making. Yeah, I'll go with that.
A batch converter utility for my first-person game tutorial.
Massive is a real-time save/load chunk system that allows worlds to have tens of millions of tiles and objects saved …
Over 5000 different icons for free use
Place interface windows within a project, based on percentage.
This system checks for users focus on the game window, and allows the game to be paused.
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