This demo will teach you one of the many ways to make a working equipment system.
String manipulation functions
A high resolution map of the whole world
Here's the source to Role Play Online
Rise of Heroes Source Files
Traversing the edges of the BYOND universe so you don't have to!
Ever wanted NPC Cars to drive around streets randomly? Here you go.
A simple library to assist in creating branching stories (similar to the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books).
This library can convert base integers (from 2 to 36) to another base. Some bases that you may know of are base 2 …
Navigate lists of datums through a collapsable tree view.
Handle turns for any datum (whether it's a mob or not).
A game that can be fun to play. This demo also comes with the source code.
Free and easy to use Logging snippet!
A simple bank system you can include or change in your game.
Easy locking mechanism for doors, containers, and rooms
A code for adding Star Overlays like the ones in Kajika's DMO.
Used to stop var changing programs.
Searching for that elusive, but simple proc? Give this collection a shot.
This shows you how to make roofs on a house.
My first attempt at a byond tutorial. Post your comments in the forumns please.
A pager system made by me. All pager stuff is in 2 statpanels.
A short bit of code to save a player's location when they logout, When they login it checks if they have saved their …
Show users a handy list of icons to warn them of objectionable content.
Free turf, obj, and mob icons.
The ATARI rip-off!
A single tile slider minigame.
A single tile pong-like minigame.
A game of pattern memorization and regurgitation.
A single tile Tic-Tac-Toe minigame.
A demo to help people learn how to create pets that follow them around, attack, and be healed.
An excellent jail system, and a deity system for linking with temples.
Learn how to create houses, saves the furniture aswell.
Visual and physical effects for turfs with different elevations.
a short demo to show a simple trade system
Nice little quick link system for autolinks in text
STM Whack-A-Mole source.
A mob icon that takes up two tiles, and some overlays for it.
Send an email to any email address (even to cell phones) to be notified of trouble-makers.
A simple lib that protects you from GM seeking newbs with three or four lines of code!!
Combat System by InuTracy
Mud Starter Kit by InuTracy
This demo was created to show you how to make all of the locked doors that u could ever have wanted!
Converts hexadecimal to RGB color codes, and vice versa.
Full blown checkers minigame in just 32x32 pixels
Base code for a wide variety of minigames that fit within a single 32x32 tile.
Simple little report bug demo
A library for generating intersting explosions
A demonstration of the sd_Alert library.
A powerful and flexible alternative to the built in alert() proc.
Donate me dimes!
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