A simple demo to teach you how to add lightning to your game.
Create wildcards with your text.
Return a list of definitions as described by
Because I believe everything should burn.
Provides a perspective with the camera in front of the mob, instead of directly over it.
A small proc providing customizable and offset-able timestamp generation.
A new design for emote commands
Abandonware - Free source of a basic Team vs. Team style game
Add/remove people from your list, message them, and check their status!
An introduction to BYOND, for a simple start.
A small demo of an online highscore table that can be used over multipul worlds and can even be viewed when a game is …
Make dynamic shadows pretty easily.
A library with pet control for your game.
Generates an endless amount of names for your use!
Great for using when you teleport to another place or when you want an event to take place or when you sleep.
A party system lib for use in your game.
An original dice game with an emphasis on bluffing.
The source code to Racing Game
My library of icons from the days of DUNG
A high quality group of icons from Secret of Mana. Includes weapons, items, and magic! Over 120 icons! All very high …
This is a small demo to help people make dynamic skill gain systems with very little trouble and small amounts of code.
This demo is a basic security system for a game, with trip wires in it.(Good for fast paced games)
My smileys for s_smiley by spuzzum.
How to use hotkey macros in your game.
Chat in a browser window, to keep it seperate from all the other more important messages!
Version 3. Last updated 1/10/04 12:28 AM
In game forums! Complete with moderators, banning, closing threads, everything!
A realistic Turf Pack
A demo that explains a system which you can fire a gun!
Learn how to create a shop with buy and sell verbs!!!
Tons of great weapon and armor icons for any game.
Learn how to create an A.I. system for mobs. Have enemies who attack on sight and those who attack when you attack …
Learn how to make an attacking code that doesnt use var/mob/M in oview(1). This code you face the enemy to hit them, …
This is a deck of cards bigger than 32x32 that you can use for your projects.
Learn how to make a bank that stores both gold and items!
Learn how to make objects trail behind you!
The old Super Hero Bash v2(Circa August 2002) battle source code. Has alignment, and started a hospital-dying system …
Autojoins certain turfs so you don't need to do the dirty work.
Use client.dir to create the effect of camera angles.
A dungeon generator which uses "Cells" or pre-built rooms to generate the dungeon.
A demo that shows you how to make Item stacking!
Use noise matrices to build random terrains.
A simple system for enforcing time delays -- use for spam prevention, movement, spellcasting, whatever you like!
A demo on browser shops.
Multi tile stat meters on screen.
The Mafia base icon (that bald red-shirted guy) for use in creating new Mafia icons
Create custom-colored icons and cache them to reuse as needed.
A Python script to create BYOND maps from graphic files.
An example of how to use multi-dimensional lists, to create a wicki-type program. (Not commented)
Navigate the map in first person perspective!
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