Display automatically created maps of entire Z levels in browser windows!
Display your map levels as text or HTML with clickable links.
Ever wanted to make a game like House of the Dead?
Create your own 'Invalid Command' message.
A demo on how to make corpses. Contains information on how to make different corpses in different positions, for …
These are Sampler Icons from the Team Shadow Soft. These are Free!Look for their other great icons as well!
A collection of hand-made functions to make various aspects of BYOND programming easier.
Create simple and complex quests easily.
Utility: Create a set of autojoiner icons from source icons you supply.
Create an onscreen, pixel-based radar system!
Just a little lighting test similar to Shadowdarke's area lighting system.
Fast and easy dynamic lighting
Who needs macros when you've got mouse gestures?
Fast and easy dynamic lighting
Access databases from DM.
Source code for Draggin' Ballz 4k
Eat to live, live to eat, all in under 4096 bytes of source code!
Source code for Scream of the Stickster (BYONDscape 4K Challenge 2002)
More than 100 tiles at your disposal for free!
Load, save, and reuse temporary maps for unlimited worlds
A set of useful procs for handling lists.
An excellent foundation to begin work on your own Graphical MUD, or RPG!
Quickly and easily implement a help system with a tree structure for help topics.
Source code for the game Treasure Seeker Classic (not for the faint of heart!)
An easy way to incorporate large terrain graphics into your game.
An alternate movement demo which demonstrates car racing like control.
Creates a map full of stars.
3 Slots, saving loading and other stuff
A mining demo for newbies to byond.
Icon Procs
A class snippet for the CAGE engine.
War Demo! Complete with movement system, firing system, and weapons!
A library for having customizable explosions
Demo of how realistic water can be modeled.
One way glass, the latest in BYOND surveillance technology. ;)
A small snippet that may be used to add pixel movement into your games!
Draw roofs or other area covers that disappear when you enter the area. Supports multiple roofed areas that operate …
Demo of the Shadowdarke's RoofLib library.
This library allows you to simulate more than one DMI inside a DMI file.
This is a base icon that can be used for a fighter in side view games.
An easy way to add Times Square-style news marquees to your game.
Add a customizable startup screen to your MUD with a saving/loading system as well.
This library provides some useful procs for getting input from the user.
Shows you how to display icons in the dream seeker text window with the escape library.
Use this library to display colors accurately in telnet and BYOND.
This is the core MUDbase library. This library is required to use other MUDbase libraries.
A simple universal parser
A few interesting levels for Rockrunner.
A simple isometric movement system.
A natural language parser created by Ebonshadow with contributions from Foomer.
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