A small snippet that may be used to add pixel movement into your games!
Draw roofs or other area covers that disappear when you enter the area. Supports multiple roofed areas that operate …
Demo of the Shadowdarke's RoofLib library.
This library allows you to simulate more than one DMI inside a DMI file.
This is a base icon that can be used for a fighter in side view games.
An easy way to add Times Square-style news marquees to your game.
Add a customizable startup screen to your MUD with a saving/loading system as well.
This library provides some useful procs for getting input from the user.
Shows you how to display icons in the dream seeker text window with the escape library.
Use this library to display colors accurately in telnet and BYOND.
This is the core MUDbase library. This library is required to use other MUDbase libraries.
A simple universal parser
A few interesting levels for Rockrunner.
A simple isometric movement system.
A natural language parser created by Ebonshadow with contributions from Foomer.
Disable/modify HTML tags or specific attributes of an HTML tag, or even create your own custom tags!
A .dmi file containing a deck of playing cards
The K_Security System. Prevents a certain type of cheating from players, and sets limits to who can host, and when …
A demo of the sd_Text Library.
The RC5 Encryption Algorithm
A GUI color selection library
Wear clothes and change thier colors! Total Custimazation!
A collection of general purpose procs I use often in my own projects.
Shows how to make a non-buggy walking delay for PCs
Standard Geometric and Mathematical procs for every project
Use this library to create mini-maps for use in your games.
An easy, if cheesy, method of creating 3D-like elevated terrain.
BEA (Byond Encryption Algorithm)
Display text on any atom! Includes mobile chat balloons and client.screen (HUD) based text/input boxes.
Position screen objects in the map editor.
Multi-tile mob demonstration using the Movement Library
Grow beards and tan with this snippet! Includes demo!
List sorting functions.
Debug your games by looking inside objects or savefiles at runtime.
Helpful functions for handling directions and random movement.
See what other people see! Handy code snippet!
Motion is a demo that shows you how to have an interactive enviroment! You can have things like natural streams or man …
Automerge code from any turf, obj, or mob
All-Purpose Expression Evaluator (mostly mathematical at this point)
This simple, commented example shows how to have obj's that periodically spawn mobs.
Display text directly on the map!
Assign names to maps in place of z levels
Create or extract zip archives from within DM.
A tutorial on how to include sound with your game!
Customizable random dungeon generator
Code Snippet on how to make explosions!
Replaces selected words with a string of symbols
This library is used to easily manipulate an atom's movement. Features include the ability to easily stun an atom for a …
Two ways to do day/night cycles, simple weather displays, and a demonstration how to change a turf from one area to …
A library to keep track of the players who are in the game.
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