Navigate the map in first person perspective!
Your first card game starts here! Includes icons, variables, and procs needed for a card game.
This is a brand new turf pack, all ALOT better then the first one! Now only 1 dime!!
An advanced text-on-map library
Generates randomly placed and sized circles of stars.
A first time attempt at html theres going to be bugs
Example of how to create stairways between maps using tags.
Tag at it's best.
BBB Chat system
Methods for randomly creating names
Source code to my 3d maze.
Alternate movement library, plug and play.
The source code to Volte's 3D Maze
Creates a random dungeon of square rooms and hallfways.
General-Purpose List-Sorting Routines
Reads and writes XML files, letting you access the contents as an object tree.
Demo of several interesting verb and statpanel snippets covered in my BYONDscape Panels article.
Easy character creation using strings, to define mob paths.
My own demo for stat meters.
Demo on how to make doors. (Can also be used for teleports, warp pads, etc.)
Make Diablo-style stat globes on screen.
An easy to use and secure money/item storage system.
Easily create spectators who can't interfere with the game.
Instantly creates a shadow for you character without using a black icon.
Let players drag HUD objects around to customize their screen layout!
A small demo of my F_Click_Menu library
An easy to use menu system for your games.
Over 200 Icons!!!!Only 3dimes!!!!!
A very simple, somewhat clunky demonstration of a first-person dungeon view.
MotionTracker lets you track motion!
A library to make quick and easy NPC dialog.
This is a simple money code
A cool working Loto Ticket Code
Great working shop keepr code
"And STAY out!"
A demo which creates dice that players can roll simply by clicking them.
Just a bit of a demo for scoobert explaining how overlay icon_states work
Client view movement similar to the Age of Empires style
Actual working gun code!!!!!!!
Display automatically created maps of entire Z levels in browser windows!
A good actual working afk demo for 1 dime!
Display your map levels as text or HTML with clickable links.
a simple demo, showing the alignment system featured in my game "Bumfight"
Ever wanted to make a game like House of the Dead?
Create your own 'Invalid Command' message.
A demo on how to make corpses. Contains information on how to make different corpses in different positions, for …
These are Sampler Icons from the Team Shadow Soft. These are Free!Look for their other great icons as well!
A collection of hand-made functions to make various aspects of BYOND programming easier.
Create simple and complex quests easily.
Utility: Create a set of autojoiner icons from source icons you supply.
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