Recently, there has been a massive amount of people on whose computers this library no longer works. Not only that, but …
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A year in the making. Yeah, I'll go with that.
A batch converter utility for my first-person game tutorial.
Massive is a real-time save/load chunk system that allows worlds to have tens of millions of tiles and objects saved …
Over 5000 different icons for free use
Place interface windows within a project, based on percentage.
This system checks for users focus on the game window, and allows the game to be paused.
The list of suggestions currently appearing when using the manual code editor in Make My Dream.
Great new feature!
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A random bunch of free icons I've released from my unfinished projects.
Pixel Projectiles!
Drag & Drop instead of code.
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Simplistic physics for platformer games
A simple keyboard library
The demo in Light Speed uses a world.fps of 60... This is to sorta show the "ooo" and "ahh" of Light Speed. In an …
light/effect() can be re-written to use a technique known as "recursive shadow casting" to make this library virtually …
The fastest lighting system for BYOND
This a library that makes handling maptext with outlines a lot easier.
Maptext with borders! Provides an example.
A simple library
A simple library
Create delayed and loop procedures out of any procudure. Can be halted or destroyed at anytime.
Customize your output scrollbars for a more professional interface.
A collection of procs used to make cutscenes in a game.
An update of Shadowdarke's PixelProjectiles
A method of handling those generic "Kill 'x' Enemies and Gain 'y' Cash" quests.
A small system to easily handle your in-game currency.
Smaller, easier, safer savefiles.
F_Handler is the ultimate tool to manage our games!
Short, simple, skin(interface) helpful tutorial!
Implementation of AES-128 encryption
Looking for high quality art resources? Use A2J2TIWARI's Icon Pack!
Contains 200,000+ words for quick and easy reference! A must for word games!
A short supplemental library to include field of view!
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Helpful procs to get some simple but effective sound implementation!
A helpful set of procs for angular and positional data!
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A simple to implement lib, that allows music to play between switching z levels.
F_Weather is efficient, simple and relatively easy to use!
A demo showing you how to achieve perfectly timed gliding for smoothest possible movement.
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An on-screen chat box that is easy to add into your game.
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Mathematics procs that BYOND doesn't include. Recommended for every project!
F_Minigames allows you to easily add a minigame inside your game with a few lines of code.
Server Manager is a tool developed to automatically update your game without having to bother in shutting down and …
Easily place paths on your map and have NPCs follow them.
Back when this library was originally released, Moussiffer suggested a feature to limit the line of sight to the area …
Easily import sprite sheets into BYOND .dmi icon files
Determine if two atoms have a clear line of sight between them
Quickly import sprite sheets into full movie icon_states using a simple markup
Command parser for MUDs
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