Use a PostgreSQL database backend for your world
My keyboard lib. Capable of forwarding keys.
This library implements an iterator protocol for incrementally iterating through data, for example from a data …
A library simulate dice rolls and perform handling and filtration of collections of dice.
Allows you to save portions of map files on file for later reuse.
Draw an arrow on-screen for tracking things.
A more efficient method of pathfinding.
A simple library for adding maptext input fields to your game!
Automatically stretch to integer multiples of your icon size. a2fu8bufov8dbk6/ KlogaumGuia07.rar?dl=0
Saving for the modern dev...
Anchor HUD boxes to the world coordinates.
A simple method to pan to a certain location.
Interface-based edit command library.
An aesthetic and lightweight method of adding realistic rain to your games!
Party over here!
A demonstration of how to create dynamic electrical networks.
Interface Query acts as a string builder for combining winset() calls into one.
Full-scale particle library
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Let players zoom in and out of your map.
Need an auto targeting system, or just a targeting system in general this is the perfect library for you.
Create interface based input controls with ease.
Designed to demonstrate the possibilities of 3D for BYOND.
Since I have a feeling others have been thinking the same thing, I thought why not include a nicely working library …
Port of a well-known JavaScript Matrix and Vector Library.
Need to have icons follow one another?
Super efficient automatic targeting
basically luftrausers
A port of the popular physics engine for BYOND.
Hey everyone! I'm super happy. After 5 days of work and going slightly mad I have finshed! Eureka! You're going to get …
The definitive crafting demo.
It's a car.
Basic icon pack.
Use Gamepads with the Webclient!
Display player/object names under their icon.
Simple PayPal Shop
generates lines, beams or lightning bolts
(Windows Only) Make HTTP/HTTPS GET and POST requests!
Lets make good use of the new "appearance" var!
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A library for making real time strategy (RTS) games.
Remove groups of atoms from and to your client screen with ease.
Create the same effect used in Dungeons and Dragons
Missing visuals from your maps? This lib solves that issue.
Make your games have a shake effect of the screen.
For those who are wondering how shadow generator works and can't seem to understand the "Shadow" file …
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A little system that generates shadows for selected objects in your game.
Interface-based edit command demonstration.
Mochila feito em Grid Interface.dmf
Nothing serious here. I was going through my creations list and thought I'd clean up some of the stuff there. So, I …
Shuffles a list easily. No matter the size.
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