Helper functions for pixel movement worlds.
Ban from just looking at someone's user name instead of addresses.
Simple plug-in library to add nametags to your games!
The Long Overdue Documentation
Want text slowly typed on the player's screen? This is what you need. (Uses 2 examples: maptext and output)
You can SEARCH for what you want! :)
A library that shows how to create a dialogue system with NPCs. (All interface based)
A library that shows you how to create a custom context menu using the interface.
Include more modern-like hashing algorithms into your BYOND creations.
A little library that shows you how to create custom alerts,switch,input with fading animations.
Well, lately I was bored and decide to take a view at my libraries, and while surfing the code of F_Handler, I was …
A tracer tool for debugging.
DM doesn't have default matrices, now it does.
Automerge requires that your game uses a very specific format for autotiles and regular tiles. I will provide the code …
A DMM importer/processor for merging autotiles.
Your file must be formatted for the autotile editor to recognize the import process. You must have your file in RMXP or …
A quick way to import, format, and process animated autotiles.
Retrieve outputs from command prompt 3x faster than BYOND does it.
Some projectile functions
A great collaboration of verbs for staff use!
Hello there, fellow developers, today I am going to try and explain to you what Server Manager is capable of doing. It …
A statistic library to make the handling of stats and vitals easier.
A configurable logging library in the style of log4j
Proof-of-concept how to calculate maptext width and height.
In this, you can see all the whispers for only GM's!
Easy to use JSON parser
Juego de naruto online 24/7 latino una gran comunidad en crecimiento.
Line Drawing
Irritated that offsets like pixel_x/y/z don't work properly on clients screens? Then this library is for you!
An incredibly basic Narrator.
Have you ever wanted to swap urls with per-say, short urls?
Server Manager - Version 2.0 [BUILD] Today is a great day for those few who likes and currently uses this …
Some pixel functions
Generate Short URLS from within BYOND games as well as replace urls that are said with short urls.
Special thanks goes out to Lige and Fugsnarf, who both have reported minor bugs in the demo. Fugsnarf pointed out …
This library adds a few procs that will work in any environment, which allow you to determine the size of tiles and …
This library adds variables to the client about the mouse's position (relative to the screen, world, and eye) and the …
Pixel Movement with diagonal and half-edge sliding.
A basic on-screen inventory library that also teaches some useful interface commands.For Beginners.
Signal Lite is an easier to use version of Signal, a library for generating coherent noise.
Yes, y'all heard correctly. The code as well as other assets are now on it's own dedicated GitHub Repository! …
Signal is a coherent noise generator.
This post is to keep track of a list of features to come in the next updates. These won't necessarily be in the ~next~ …
Pesky spaces in chat? I can fix that!
Version b0.4.0 -Removed redundant Update() proc under Label -Separated controls into separate DM files. -All set …
A customizable autotile generator
A: Source file state preview. B: Layer order panel. C: Layer rules checkgrid. D: Efficiency options. E: Override …
Dynamically create and control windows and controls at runtime.
A Lib full of many features
Shows how to use drop down lists in your interfaces
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