Naruto The Fallen Hokage

by Totitox_s

Hub Made By The Awesome Owner Itachi-Kun (Totitox_s)

Owners Are:Itachi-Kun(Totitox_s)and Karasu(Haku_Crack)

1. No spamming in OOC whatever. Lags server.
2. no swearing in OOC (Psh).
3. No killing Puppets, Bunshin, or Fail Summons. Use Commands > Kill Bunshin, etc.
4. No asking for ranks. Genin is free, and that's it.
5. We will host tournaments when possible. Don't bug us.
6. No Acad, Spawn, "Right in front of spawn" kill.
7. Ask your Kage for any ranks above Jounin. Make sure you have reqs.

1. No free ranks to ninja w/o reqs.
2. If you are challenged for position, you must accept. If your village is attacked, you must defend.
3. Don't abuse any verbs.
4. Only 1 Sage, 3 Sannin, 1 ANBU-Captain, 4 ANBU.
5. If your village think you are unworthy of Kage, Village Elders have right to strip you.
6. Only Declare War if Village/Org Leader is online.
7. ~Self Established Nations~ 1 ANBU-Captain, 2 ANBU.

1. Don't abuse.
2. No boosts or free ranks.
3. Don't lift an Owner's mute.
4. Genin is free.
5. Host Chuunin Rules:
a. If 2 Genin, give freeby. o.O
b. If 4 Genin, two one-on-one matches. Two winners get chuunin.
c. If more than 4 Genin, host chuunin exam in FFA (Free For All). Last man standing gets Chuunin.
Nice Game :)