Bleach Relentless Struggles

by Nikki129

Welcome to Bleach Relentless Struggles


Owners:Nikki129, GamingDude15
Co-owners: (LostNdark
GMs: (none, none, none)
(Gm spots needed, You can post a GM Application just incase one of the GMs Resign or gets removed)

Player Rules

1. No Spamming in Communication channels, and no spamming techniques as well.
2. No Safe Zone Killing, Safe Zone Running, Or Spawn Zone.
3. No asking for GM, period.
4. No Racist Slurrs or Bias comments.
5. No Character Show Names i.e. Byakuya Kuchiki. It's annoying that players can't use their brains to come up with Original names.
6. No Disrespecting other players or game moderators. (Calling someone a newb can be offensive as well)
7. No using Caps Lock in OOC, this includes one-worded caps. i.e. OMG
8. No Advertising other GAMES on here.
9. Multikeying is allowed.

Game Moderator Rules

1. No announcing pointless stuff that isn't important like related to the game, unless given permission otherwise. (By Nikki129 and other Owners only)
2. Follow all player rules.
3. IF you're not sure about doing something, ask another GM before you do it.
4. No creating stuff without my permission.
5. No editting yourself without permission.
6. Do not slack off, and GM train all the time. Get off your ass, and do you job.