Naruto:Gekko fukkatsu Revived

Hi naruto fans this is a very unique game this game is 100% original(this game waz created by SolarOblivion a couple of years back so ALL CREDIT goes to SolarOblivion)so everyone go to his site and thnx him for letting meh run the game and all but i'm gonna upgrade the game more fix the bugs add everything new to continue his completiion of the game. O and i'm adding subscription in for players who want bonuses in the game and i'm might add a rankers in might it will depend and i will have a shell hosting the game if yall can help meh get enough money i will buy the shell server hosting 24/7 dis is how much it called and i dunno wat to say now but i got kno screenshot of the game yet but it will be soon if i get it and u can go register on the forum if u want to help with the game thnx u