Mythical Lands [Beta]

by Dark Vendetta
Mythical Lands [Beta]
Mythical Lands has been revived once more...
This is Mythical Lands.
Imagine a time before time...
Where nothing existed except particles floating randomly.
The particles formed what is known as the Real World. A world quickly full of life.
Souls existed as humans and animals.
This story unfolds in a time where a strange phenomenon had occurred. The souls contained pure and corrupt feelings, emotions and memories. Wanting a peaceful world, the Elder Gods gathered any possible negativity and sealed it within a crystal shard.
One day, a wandering soul stumbled upon the shard and started changing...
This spawned the first corrupt soul in the Mythical Lands.
With the thought of world domination and greater power, the corrupt soul began to spread their ideas and evil ways throughout the realm.
A war had begun.
With no choice, the Elder Gods split the realm into 3 realms. Spirit Realm, Other Realm and The Realm of Lands.
The Spirit Realm contained all purified souls and the Elder Gods.
The Other Realm are wandering souls.
These souls have a destiny.
They are similar to animals we have, but can link themselves with a human soul. The fusion with a human soul and an beast/creature soul completes the beat/creature 's life and they can move onto the Spirit Realm, while leaving traits passed to the human soul.
The Realm of the Lands is a world where evil and good fight.

More info coming soon.
More detail coming soon.