DragonBall Z:The Saiyans Rampage

by Corz1991
Welcome To DragonBall Z:The Saiyans Rampage

Owner:Leo AKA Tha True Blood
Co-Owner:Kola Jooooolllllllllllaaa
Co-Owner/GFX Artist:Legend

1)No Advertising
2)No Spamming
3)No capping
4)No flaming
5)Respect Gms
.....:::::RULES FOR GMS:::::.....

1)Do not Mute unless you have a valid reason
2)D0 not ban someone unless you have a valid reason
3)respect fellow gms and players
4)Do not abuse announce
1st Offence Demote
2nd Offence Lose GM
6)Do not edit stats/ranks ect