Tactical : Modern Combat

by TheRevalations21221
Tactical : Modern Combat
From customizing weapons, advancing ranks, and using teamwork to complete the missions sent to you, we need you soilder.
From the streets to the city, there has been evidence of terrorist activity roaming around. The C.O.H (Coalition Of Honor) is sent out to put a stop to this before it grows to big, but they are to late.

As K.H.E. (Kill House Empire) has token over most parts of the city, hired the top most terrorist to work for him, and sending in illegal goods through the city, he looks at the C.O.H. as a kid group.

-C.O.H.(Coalition Of Honor)- Founded in 2005, a elite team which carries out the most dangerous, top-notch missions. They are one of the best teams out there in the game, but when K.H.E.

-K.H.E.(Kill House Empire)- Little is known about this group, you would say they are a brand new terrorist group, but don't think only once as they are one of the smartest, strongest, and well populated terrorist group in the world.

- Credit goes to Gooseheaded for actually making the pixel projectile work with with the shooting code.
-Tainted for coding the WASD movement, and ranking system(In progress), also Secondary Coder
-Calus for being a good friend.
-If you find any bugs, please report them to me or another administrator.

Note: This game uses sound effects ranging from gun sounds to environmental sounds, if you have dial-up. Turn off sounds then turn them back on to hear just the gun shot sounds.

-Founded 07/26/07