The Empire of Dragons

by Dragonfire7777
A game that is being worked on. It shall be like an RPG, but with pwnly battle systems and the like.
Why fight things that fight back? Anyways, this game (once done) will blow your socks off! AND your shoes! No. Nevermind. Only your socks. Not even your socks, your feet smell like bad.

...There will be a huge world, many weapons and armorz, monsters, and mayhem! EVEN MAYHAM. 1% complete. Ok, that may be under exaggerating. About 2% complete... Or maybe 4%. NO WAIT!
5%... Maybe 10% if you're LUCKY. But only if.

Otter spelled "Vengance" wrong on the hub icon.

Do NOT attack people out of random. That may seem like that is the only thing there is to do right now.. buuuuut....... Yeah. Ask an admin to make you some monsters for you to lvl on. O_o.

Owner: Dragonfire7777 "Zaxx Drachen"
Iconer: RP-Archer "Otter" Iant1002001 "Iant1002001" (XD)
Mega Admins
Co-Coder: Smoo "Smoo"
Co-Iconer: Relt "Relt"
I forgot. They're like interns but ten times less as important~

Most these people's keys=their names in-game... Wow. What a waste of text.