Naruto: Faded Dreams

by Masurao Masakari

1.)We like to keep the game fair and clean.

2.)Don't spam.

3.)Don't sexually harass or post pornography links in the game.

4.)GM's are NOT here to do you favors.DO NOT BOTHER THEM UNLESS NECESSARY.

5.)Speak ENGLISH in the OOC.

6.)Don't bug abuse, REPORT ALL BUGS to a GM.

7.)Don't advertise other games or forums.

8.)If a GM tells you to stop doing something, listen to them.If you feel they are not being just, report to an Owner and keep all comments to yourself.

9.)Do not ask for GM verbs/powers, etc.

10.)Have fun. :D

Still needing GM's!

Note: BYOND members are auto-given  beginner items.Rank if you "Like" the game,don't if you "Do Not Like" the game.