DrumDemon: Ozzfest

by Ganing
DrumDemon: Ozzfest
Ozzy has come to BYOND! A Spin-Off of the Drum Demon Series, that contains over 55 SONGS!!! Thats more than Guitar Hero Aerosmith! Downloadable,

Drum Demon: Ozzfest
Created By Ganing
Inspired by Ozzy Ozbourne

Contains 55 songs including:

Crazy Train
Mr. Crowley
Children Of The Grave
Zombie Stomp
I Dont Wanna Stop

And Many MANY More!!!

-The Bat Biting Metal Head Has Arrived-

*SECRET!!!: Shows The new skin type of update for the DD series. And yes, Drum Demon III will be the final one in the MAIN series. More explanations will be made soon enough.*

*Note: Dont get this confused with Black Sabbath. You may notice songs like N.I.B. and Ironman are NOT included. This is because they were by Black Sabbath and not Ozzy. I am fully aware that Ozzy pretty much created Black Sabbath, but I am keeping this all Ozzy.*