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I would totally support the creation of some kind of live developer help center. It should be open source, that way anyone can help collaborate on the code, and it can evolve into the best possible program for the job.

I developed a program ~1 year ago that did exactly what you described - dubbed it BYONDWave in memory of Google Wave, it was basically a multi-user Dream Maker. It was nearly complete, with only map development partially completed, but both programming and icon development completely done (my MiniMap library branched from the project's icon making functionality).

However, I inevitably scrapped the project because TeamViewer exists, and apparently that seemed more useful in the long run. This might be a good alternative for some of you.

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I have never seen your program, but I wouldn't have scrapped it. Maybe it couldn't do everything that TeamViewer can, but it was a native BYOND program and wouldn't require the installation of some big remote viewing and remote access program. It could be easily accessible from the BYOND hub, where any developer could quickly access it. TeamViewer seems to have all kinds of complicated, unnecessary features, some of which would be much too insecure for my liking. Who knows if hackers could exploit it to gain complete control of your computer. Besides, TeamViewer wouldn't have a custom made interface, essential live syntax highlighting, integration with the DM Reference, or other helpful functions.

If you still have the source, maybe you can put it up online. It wouldn't serve much purpose if it's just sitting around on your computer, not being used. Even if it's just the program, that might be good enough. If I made a fully featured program like that, I would never remove it, and if I decided that I was done developing it, I would just pass it on to someone else or open source it, that way it stays alive. If the program is lost now, I plan to contribute to what ATHK started.
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Thatís a great start ATHK!
Having all those separate windows is a bit messy though, especially when you have Dream Maker open as well.

I have never dealt with skins before first go!, the profile and help windows only display once if you have never logged in.
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A bit late, hehe, due to a busy weekend, but I'd gladly help out on this to get my skills going, can do graphical work on Photoshop as well if anything need be done. I really like the idea of a "Developer Hangout" to help initiate programmers and solve problems.
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Great! The program we have going now is just a simple layout pretty much just chat functions with show code .. For now..

If we could all chat about what features we need / want and let the programming commence we can take this far!

Also if anyone would help on the skins/Interface as obviously I am terrible...

The program is running on byond://
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Hello is anyone interested in studying coding together? Like mutually help each other learn this? Might be really good thing for learning coding...

You know you can use the BYOND developer forum for this, right? You can create a task that you and each of your study buddies attempts to implement, and you can each ask questions on this forum on how to make the code work or how to improve it. That's what these forums are for.
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I'm pretty good with skins and interfaces...and I think my time-zone doesn't coincide with all of yours because I keep missing everyone. xD I'm logged in right now.
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Here is a mockup for a new interface layout for the program, as requested by ATHK.
(scroll to the right to see the whole image)

As you can see it would have several draggable resize handles. The list of players would be one of many tabs. I added a Tools tab for future tools and functions, and the help box could instead be displayed as a tab embedded in the same pane as the players list. However, I am unsure how scroll linking would work for the code tags. I don't know how you could actually make it to scroll to a specific place in the code form. Also, I still don't know what color scheme would be best for the program.

Anyway, let me know what you think of it!

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Looks great ill get on to this when I get home.
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I'm just putting out the link to the program's site, as it is quite hard to find it when it's not on the hub. Apparently, it exists publicly, but since it's not linked anywhere you have to find a loophole. I managed to locate it after adding it to favorites. I'm not sure I like the name too much. It kind of just sounds like a place to "hang out".

Developer Hang Out

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Just a quick name it'll be changed once I find something more fitting.
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For those who don't yet know, Diliviero has created the Developer Hangout Wiki for use with this program, so be sure to check it out.

It has only just been created though, so it only has 2 pages made so far. If you would like to help out, let us know, but you should first look over the Project Goals page.
What happened to this topic? No one is neither on Skype nor is Developer Hangout online.
I think this has completely died....
Hey guys. This is just an ideal...
Use the forums and make a post for your team instead of making a chat program, and then teach eachother to make a chat program.
Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
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