Naruto Black Love

by PaneDante
-Game Staff-


Pane [ PaneDante ]


None [ None ]

Game Moderators:

None [ None ]

None [ None ]


-Game Rules-

[1.] Do not kill in Leaf Academy. [Jail]

[2.] Do not advertise other BYOND Games. [Mute]

[3.] Do not be racist or sexist. [Boot]

[4.] Respect the Game Staff and their ways. [Key Ban]

[5.] Respect other Players. [Mute]


-Game Moderator Rules-

[1.] Do not use verbs for personal-gain. [Lose Verbs]

[2.] Do not give Players things they did not earn from a Tournament. [Lose Abused Verb]

[3.] Respect the Game Staff Members above you and their ways. [Lose Verbs]

[4.] Do not use Powers for personal reasons, such as being insulted. [Lose Verbs]

[5.] You also must follow the Game Rules. [Lose Verbs]


Thank You

We will be up soon.