Phantom's Connection crashed or something and the server has been so laggy. Please fix.
kn0w the game is off again hate it
I hate to say it... But if he Gave 2 shits about this game. It would be really good. Not saying that it sucks... Its just... He doesn't care about it. We all wish he would work with it here... But thats why servers suck and are down a lot.
ya'all gotta chill n quote

Lol vik

Destroior and Niti are doing really good at running this game, Its amazing!
Yea its cool lol just wish crazah didnt quit it...
wen is the game coming back Up
I would love to host a server for the game. Contact me if u need a host :3
This update where you can't PvP unless 15 is shit.
ssj is a retard :L nobody will contact you to be a host. the only way to host is to BUY the host files. and i dont even know how to do that tbh :L so there you go.
lol the game already has a new owner and a shell that he paid for...why the fuck would you want to host? xD
This server is to weak. >.<
In response to Kyle k50
Kyle k50 wrote:
ssj is a retard :L

The irony.

The game is good but to unbalanced. When you have all those strong ass people that come in the dojo and prevent you from training or your constantly killed ruins the gameplay for new weak players
why baned me , player say what baned me and hen o have rason mi account in game Estebanss help pls unbaned me
the person who made thhis game there is this guy who keep on killing a lot of people like me and my firend naruto can you banned him he kill naruto and i 24/7 his name is god
yea hes always killing me 2
My account this error occurred. .No password set for this account, please try again.
add sage mode and tail beast for people to be come it and have the power if they kill it
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