The new "24/7" server, already down.
Hey can u put the download thing back up... I want to play on my own for a bit...
pls do put the download thing back up
fuck you phantom your bitch
you know that your suck at hosting so go get fucked
you love fuck in ass right ?
so take that _!_ and put it on your ass
all the game is bitches
crazah please put the server download back up or atleast keep a constant server up it would be really appreciated by everyone, this game is fantastic so why let such an amazing game go to waste? let it prosper instead of ruining it for over 3,000 people,
its sow lagy and i cant make another acaunt doesint let me cause my old accaunt dont work and i put create an accaunt and each name i put dont work!
Phantom's Connection crashed or something and the server has been so laggy. Please fix.
kn0w the game is off again hate it
I hate to say it... But if he Gave 2 shits about this game. It would be really good. Not saying that it sucks... Its just... He doesn't care about it. We all wish he would work with it here... But thats why servers suck and are down a lot.
ya'all gotta chill n quote

Lol vik

Destroior and Niti are doing really good at running this game, Its amazing!
Yea its cool lol just wish crazah didnt quit it...
wen is the game coming back Up
I would love to host a server for the game. Contact me if u need a host :3
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