Naruto: Evolution

by Crazah
Naruto: Evolution
A new upcoming original Naruto game.
doltay unban me
un ban
Wow.... Every couple of minutes, I see an update with Unban me.

Come on man....

In response to Shizamz
Shizamz wrote:
GM power abuse i did nothing but ppl spam killing me and instead of banning them he banned me proof ik that no one will read it but it will prove that niti abused gm powers
-(Kuroko): Hah!
World-(Halogen): i was defending myself
Akashi has logged out!
World-(Kuroko): There.
World-(Halogen): spam killing
World-(Kuroko): Ha ha what will you do you cant even report i spam kill i know but no one will report it to gm
World-(Kuroko): 3 Kills.
World-(Halogen): spam
World-(Halogen): spam
World-(Halogen): pam
World-(Crack Buyer): ok, im going on my main now.
Crack Buyer has logged out!
World-(Hitsugayatoshiro): they said more than 3
Niti Uchiha has logged in.
World-(Halogen): spam kill
World-(Juubi): i have it on record halo, calm down ill report the evidence later.
World-(Halogen): dont
World-(Kuroko): You provoked me, attacking me.
World-(Niti Uchiha): Halo
World-(Niti Uchiha): Is someone spamkilling you?
World-(Halogen): Halogen was knocked out by Kuroko!*You were knocked out by Kuroko.*Akashi Says: Byakugan!*Game saved successfully.*Halogen was knocked out by Kuroko!*You were knocked out by Kuroko.*The Genin exam has begun!**Halogen was knocked out by Kuroko!*You were knocked out by Kuroko.
World-(Niti Uchiha): Ok Halo.
World-(Niti Uchiha): For trying to fcking LIE
World-(Niti Uchiha): You'll get banned.
World-(Halogen): no
World-(Halogen): i didnt lie
World-(Niti Uchiha): Is that so?
World-(Halogen): kuroko and akashi both spam killed me
World-(Niti Uchiha): Fun fact: Akashi is my student.
World-(Kuroko): You provoked me, attacked me so I had to defend myself.
World-(Halogen):I was defending myself you threw shadow at me and killed me and as soon as i respawned he killed me again as rock dosent have a hosp
World-(Halogen): they both killing me
World-(Niti Uchiha): He prooves everything.
World-(Niti Uchiha): No.
World-(Halogen): no
World-(Niti Uchiha): They're not doing shit.
World-(Niti Uchiha): You're provoking them.
World-(Halogen): ya attacked first
World-(Niti Uchiha): Bye
World-(Niti Uchiha): Go find another agme
World-(Niti Uchiha): Game*
World-(Niti Uchiha): I don't need retards here.
{Soul Ban} Halogen was ip banned from the server.
Halogen has logged out!

Lmao this shit is funny but you're right halo. Im not taking sides but niti that is cold bro.
In response to Shizamz
DOLGAY unban me nigga!
In response to Adlofs
Adlofs wrote:
Wow.... Every couple of minutes, I see cock jizzing in my mouth.

Come on man....

Dude why would you put that foul shit on the hub. Keep it clean bro
heres a few things for ya guys.
Ice moves still bugged: Talk shit get hit. Basically. You blaming me for something not being done when there are what... 3-4 people with access to this code is bullshit. So i don't even care about it anymore.
Niti 'abusing power': No. He banned you for lying about spam killing. Rules for spam killing are more than 3 unprovoked kills.
Cart's adverting another game. Gtfo.

That's funny :D


What's going on with the game? I keep seeing updates about people being banned >.>
lol niti foul as fuck.
lol I don't have access no more, I've quit
Looks like I forgot to change the password to the hub. This is fixed now.
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