by Kristof
A thorough explaination on how to create the following commands with a few ustomizations.. Say, Mute, UnMute, fontcolor, namecolor, boot, Nick, AFK, Back, me, and a GM Login() proc check..
This contains a a how-to (thouroughly explained) on:
*Say verb
*mute verb
*unmute verb
*fontcolor verb
*namecolor verb
*boot verb
*The GM check on Login() proc
*nick verb
*AFK Command
*Back Command
*Me Command

Be prepared and get ready to jump in.. You ...SHOULD... learn ALOT here if you're an extremely new egg.. like frsh from the chicken's butt. Well.. It helps even a few intermediate people, also.
One mistake that makes the Say verb work not as intended.
mob/verb/Say(J as text)
if(usr.mute == 0)

Will default to the else statement since 'mute' has a value of null, not 0.