RP Unlimited

by AnthonyHawkina
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Gameplay - It's all good, and its pretty user-friendly, It has a pretty good user panel and easy to find commands and verbs and such and so on. But there are some assholes and faggots who make the gameplay watered down. Its a 8 on this section.

Presentation - Nicely presented and has some very nice verbs, and some funny cheat codes too. But there are some slight flaws with the jukebox, as you cannot add songs or remove songs, it requires a admin to do such-said things. But besides the music, 10.

Originality - Copied off Role play Engine, Despite being a some-what similar copy of RPE, the game still manages to flesh out some of its own Originality in its servers and such, BUT this game features a help Manuel which can be considered Originality, since RPE did not feature any guide of some sorts. 2 on this section.

Overall - It's a good game, I would recommend it to a friend who roleplays, But as i said, it has some flaws, But hell who cares? Every game has flaws. It's a 9!
I assure you tabletop engines have been around way before "Roleplay Engine" or any such game in BYOND. But if we're talking about BYOND alone, Shadowdarke's "BYOND Tabletop Gaming" is the oldest still functioning, and is by far the most polished.