Old fun board game. Didn't have one at my house so I made a virtual form of the game. It didn't take that long really, and it seems bug free as far as I've seen.

Anyway, its not some epic RPG, but I figured I'd just advertise for it. I was thinking of making a site of board/small minigames or something that people can download for free or something, and publishing it on the web. Just to make me feel "special" having my own site full of tons of games I've made (even though there are flash versions of about any game in the world), but still. Maybe people want to download and play against each other all the time. And while at the same time promoting byond for more than just anime games (Even though I love anime! :o)

I dunno, consider this advertisement, if you have any games I should make or want to help or something feel free to post.
Sounds pretty neat.