ACWraith wrote:
Go for it, VcentG. The deadline was extended to February 1st. =)

Oh sweet, now I just have to finish cause I have no excuses not to! XD... I'd better submit soon though, otherwise I'll completely forget. I forgot about this comp for like a month until my byond page said there was a new comment.
How does the BYOND wallet work for these prize payouts? 'Cause I'm definitely considering now.
I have entered, sent it to the Byond Staff and directly to you.

Cartridge Classic Entry by OrangeWeapons

Needs to be hosted and played with 2 players. More can join and speak/watch if they wish to do so.
...What ever happened to this?
Apparently Lummox never found the time to get judges together and rate the contest entries. I suppose he'll get to it eventually.
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