Doesn't really seem like it's truly been 22 days since my last blog post, but hey time flies...Anyways, it's back to school for me; yayyy 3rd year studying computer science! Although this semester is less so focused on programming, my curriculum seems pretty interesting and should give me a bit of diversity skills-wise upon graduation:

Financial accounting
Intro to information sciences
Design database systems
Data communications/networks/cybersecurity

As for byond related issues, it woulda been pretty nice to present to you guys all these things I've been workin on in "secret" but sadly that's not the case this time...I noticed the removal of US from the Strategy guild and of course the appearance of two contests so I'm pretty tempted to delve further into programming and what have you, but whether time will allow it remains to be seen.

With that said, expect something yet nothing at all. Until next time folks...
Remember to submit Ultra Strife to BYOND Strategy again when it's back in development. =)