Pandora Productions is officially a byond member! Meaning we can finally put this blog to some good use.

Hopefully we'll have it properly set up today and the forum should be up and ready soon for all you Sunday the 19th fans!

Speaking of Sunday the 19th we're hard HARD at work on version 1.2 which should be out later today along with a totally new and unplayed map aswell as roughly 8 totally new items to help destroy each other!

Expect a full update log later today.

(Need to get a nice layout on this blog ASAP!)

- Xuiryus
Let us join the guild!
WOW I though you guys Quit or Something.
Ryuk25 wrote:
WOW I though you guys Quit or Something.

We stopped development for a year due to busy lives, we have a little more time these days but we've made tons of updates in such a small time.