In my spare time lately, I find myself less interested with my computer like machine and more interested in my dated, fifteen year old television.

The latest two series I focused my attention on were Witchblade, which is skimpy clothing with a side of demonic transformation and ass kickery. And also Aquarion, which in my honest opinion, is a giant sex robot, but I'll get to that later.

Witchblade: Despite the overly busty three quarter naked women, the plot isn't that bad. Single mother trying to raiser her daughter by fighting rogue robotic monsters for the corporation that created them. Eh, works for me. The ending leaves something to be desired however (anyone who's seen and enjoyed the series will probably concur).

It's probably worth looking into, but it's not to everyone's taste I imagine. It's along the lines of Bubblegum Crisis only with less mobile armour and more demonic transformation.

Aquarion: I'm not entirely sure how to describe it. The trailer looks super fantastic awesome. But under the surface of the series, it's not really anything more than a modernised Lion Force Voltron, only with the added benefit of being far better than the actual moderinsed Lion Force Voltron.

Short of some actual character development (which IIRC, Voltron lacked, but I was like five at the time, I doubt I could have recognised character development if it slapped me on the face) it comes off pretty much the same. Five lions Three fighter jets which are useless at fighting on their own, merge to form the mighty Voltron Aquarion.

As I mentioned earlier. It's pretty much a sex robot. Unlike Voltron, when everyone merged they'd all be like "Yay! Go Voltron! *Smash doom etc*". Every protagonist involved in the "merge" seemed to be having an orgasm. Every single time they "merged" (so twice an episode) all the women were like "It's so good!" and all the guys were like "Yargh!" This was probably the single most creepiest thing about any anime I've ever watched...

Obvious problems with the giant robot aside and ignoring the fairly repetitive Voltron-like story line. It's not that bad. There's some real character development going on there and the ending doesn't leave much to be desired, it pretty much wraps itself up with the less questions asked the better.

And now I leave you with a song:
But when was there ever anything wrong with naked women?
D4RK3 54B3R wrote:
But when was there ever anything wrong with naked women?

I'm not sure to which title you're referring. Both have their incredibly sleezy shots, with Aquarion going with the whole AnimeAnatomy method.
There's plenty of robots that combine, but I imagine having three vehicles that merge into three different forms was more of an homage to Getter Robo than Voltron... Granted, Getter Robo probably isn't a known value for comparison outside of certain mecha fans. *shrug*
The only Mecha series I'm privy too are Gundam (Wing and 00), Voltron, Code Geass and Gurren Lagann(SP).

So I'm not in the know as far as that goes.
Witchblade looks pretty interesting in my opinion. I don't care for skimpy anime woman, as long as there not completely naked. When that happens it just gets dumb.
If it makes you feel any better, I've only read about Getter Robo myself. I have yet to find a free & legal stream.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Mnemosyne is pretty cool. If you're into alcoholic lesbian immortals.
From the creator of Macross Plus, this explains the missiles and orgasms.
what's the missile:orgasm ratio, though?
Tib, MSN.
Zaole wrote:
what's the missile:orgasm ratio, though?

There's less missiles and more sword fighting. Although Aquarion has three forms, two of them are primarily close combat, with the third being ranged bow and arrow type attacks.

So really, the missile:orgasm ratio would be something along the lines of 10:500.
ACWraith wrote:
If it makes you feel any better, I've only read about Getter Robo myself. I have yet to find a free & legal stream.

Well, I don't know about legal, but a torrent of Getter Robo Armageddon (one of the 2 newest Renditions of Getter Robo) can be found on

There's 3 mecha anime that are kind of required for all fans.

The first Officially named Super Robot (Mazinger Z. You can get off with "Shin Mazinger Shougeki Z-Hen", it's a remake of the original Mazinger Z, with a new story that merges quite a lot together) )

The next is Getter Robo, there's New Getter Robo (which is an alternate universe of the first Getter) and Getter Armageddon. I suggest going with New Getter, although I like Armageddon better, as New Getter presumes you know nothing about Getter. (Getter Started the combining robot phase of mecha). 130510-shin-getter-robo-new-getter-robo-xvid-w-b.html

Finally, of course, is "Kidou Senshi Gundam", also known as "Gundam 0079". It is the first Real Robot anime.

These three are known by mecha fans as the "Holy Trinity" of Mecha. All that is, came from them. There may have been before, but they lacked the "We ride ju robot", hence they started the true "Mecha" era.