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(Please note that the update mentioned does not effect current 1.2 hosting files. Only the public test servers hosted by myself (Xuiryus) and Eviler)

So we're undergoing some drastic bug fixing and remaking of certain parts of S19. The biggest part being the total deleting of the castle map which is currently being redesigned and re-added in version 1.3, the map may also include some visual upgrades, time will tell.

Also I'd like to point out that Pandora Productions now as an active forum. I encourage any players or fans to suggest anything they'd like added/removed or changed within the game. From increasing or decreasing damage on a weapon to redesigning a part of a map. We take all player suggestions seriously and consider them all.

Also if you see either Eviler or I in-game you'll notice us sporting a rather fetching Deadpool mask. This is part of a future update involving cool unlocks and medals!

- Xuiryus for Pandora Productions