Golden Spraypaint Competition

Note: Do NOT copy and paste images and submit as a poster, create your OWN!

Here's your chance to win the golden spray-paint! This spray-paint allows you to spray-paint every single wall in the game! (If you want) You will be the only person to EVER have this item (It'll be on your HUD too!)

To win this fabulous item all you have to do is create a movie poster! This can be a poster from any movie you want! You can remake famous horror movie posters or just make something original, the choice is yours! The only limitation is that you keep within the boarders of the template provided below (You can use the outer line in the poster) Sadly there can only be 1 winner but the best bunch of posters will be added to the game and included in the new cinema map when it's finished! Happy pixeling - Xuiryus

Copy and paste the template to DM/Paint. Send all submissions to (or link them in the comments)
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Could we just put our submissions right here in the comments? o_o
Kaimana wrote:
Could we just put our submissions right here in the comments? o_o

Sure if you want. As long as I get it.
You can't have a cinema map full of movie posters without a Star Wars poster

Based off of the original Star Wars movie poster.
Loving the posters guys. Nice job.

I used 30 days of night as template I tried to import the image first but the outcome was really I had to edit the image as much as possible to make it look decent on that small size I hope you like the outcome anyway
I can't draw on that little pallet, you guys make me feel bad :(
It takes some getting used to.

I liked the old contest where the canvas was around 64x64.

I decide to do Chzo Mythos. if you also played Welder in SS13, it will make sense.