Version 1.3 of Sunday the 19th has officially been released. The update features many and numberous bug fixes and such. We added several new items such as a katana caltrop bomb and even Iron Mans Repulsor arm!

Other updates include buffing Freddy, his hallucination effect from his claw is now extremely effective (And not to mention scary as hell)

The biggest release for this version has to be the return of Saw mode (Yes SAW MODE) Based on the Saw movies players must make there way through a set of randomly generated rooms and come out breathing on the other side. The question is, will you help your friends or sacrifice them along the road?

Saw mode is generally an RP based mode, the mode will be best played with a small group of friends who really want to get a fun experience out of it. It will have many new rooms added in the future.

I'd also like to take this chance to announce that on Sunday the 19th of September We will be releasing version 1.4 of Sunday the 19th. This update will contain a lot of awesome stuff that nobody knows about. The best part? You won't have any idea what we're doing until the update is released on the 19th! Thats right we are releasing no info AT ALL. Excited much? You should be.

(Also the poster competition is still on-going for the moment)
I didnt think BYOND games could be as fun as this anymore, nice work on the game