BYOND Version:475
Operating System:Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Web Browser:Firefox 3.6.8
Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Verified

A member of our crack team of bug testers has verified that this issue is reproducible, and has handed it off to the development team for investigation.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
When doing anything in the interface editor, the window will flicker like mad. Including adding controls, resizing controls, dragging controls or even clicking on the interface.

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
I assume it requires Windows 7 64bit of some kind.
Create a new project.
Add an interface.dmf
Add a control.
Do something with it (resize, drag etc).

Expected Results:
Less (preferably none) flicking.

Actual Results:
Massive flickering, making it incredibly difficult to use the interface editor.

Does the problem occur:
Every time: Yes.
On other computers: Windows Vista/XP seemed to work fine. But they're not 64bit.

When does the problem NOT occur?
When using a different operating system.

The massive flickering can be controlled if you run Dream Maker Windows XP Compatibility mode, making it more tolerable but still very noticeable. (Dragging controls only flickers the grid dots and not the actual window. But still clicking on the window or controls will flicker the entire window.)

I have a spare legitimate activation code for Windows 7 Ultimate 32/64Bit if you guys don't already have Windows 7 to develop on.
I'm running Windows 7x64. I don't see any flickering of the window itself, but there is quite a bit of control flicker on resize. AFAIK this has always been the case, even when I used to run XP, and it looks the same in XP compatibility here. So I don't think I'm seeing the same bug (it's not great, but it certainly wouldn't prevent you from using the tool since it only really shows up on control resize). That said, it's probably something we can fix.

Perhaps you can make a video of your issue so we can get on the same page.
I tried to record the screen, but as it wasn't capturing every frame, the result made the video look much tamer than it actually is.

I'm not saying it's impossible to use, mind you, but it is much more uncomfortable than it was on Windows XP. There is a definite noticeable difference, and all the flashing starts to hurt my eyes relatively quick.
I see this in XP as well. It mostly happens on resize, but also when changing selections.