Taking suggestions. Just what is it?
Mexican dipping sauce?
Guava is a type of dress, so I'm just going to take a guess here and say it's when you punch your girlfriend right in her stupid dress wearing face.
Boxing gloves shaped and colored like guava fruits.

1. An ancient South American tribal dance in which a young child is precariously set at the end of a tree trunk that sits at the edge of a cliff and holds a fire at its base -- one which will burn the entire fallen tree until the child has no choice: "That BopGuava last night was so exhilarating!"

2. Slang for pig intestines: "Honey, could you please get me some bopguava for the sausage tonight?"
BopGuave is a food that has really been far even as decided to taste better even go want to do look more delicious.
I'm a nazi sympathizer.