I've just finished setting up the support ticket system for ATP Host. Instead of e-mail or pager of forum or site-comments, please submit all support requests at the following page:

Support requests not submitted through the ticketing system *will be ignored*. Once you've submitted a ticket, feel free to page me or IM me if you see me online, but just give me the ticket number, not some big wall of text.

This new system will send a text message to my cell phone. *If this feature is abused, I will disable it*. If you want to keep fast response times, then don't spam the system or I'll turn off this instant notification.

We appreciate your help in keeping ATP Host support organized. This will allow us to better serve you in the future. Still, keep in mind this is a volunteer service! We do our best to respond in a timely manner, and this new system will help, but please don't get upset if you don't get a response instantly.

Thanks again!

All the best,
is this like a free shell ?
No, this is a paid shell.
Oh okay lol.
Excellent addition.
You should set it up so incoming emails go into the support system. BYOND made use of this for a while and it went pretty well.
IIRC a text message setup like that costs money does it not? I looked into it a little while ago but didn't find anything much of interest. If you've found a cheap method of doing so, I'd be interesting in following it up later on down the road.
There's two free ways to do it, of which I'm currently using the cheesier cop-out method.

1) At least in the U.S., pretty much all cell phones have an e-mail address. If your cell is 555-666-7777 on the verion network, you can send/receive e-mail as This is what I'm doing now.

2) Write your own "API" for Google Voice. GVoice has the ability to send true SMS, but Google didn't really make an API for it, so you have to use curl to basically "login" to GVoice through your favorite web CGI and then send the proper requests to send the SMS. I say "write your own" because I have yet to find one that someone else wrote that works well.

However, I don't know if either of those will work for you down in aussie-land.
I think I've tried the first method before to no success. But it's probably safe to say the technology between the major companies would be similar if not the same.

Never heard of Google Voice, but PHP can work with cURL. And chances are someone's already written a free API for it, something else to look into.

Cheers for that.
Not sure if its just me, but isn't ATP's DNS down again? It's kinda hard to open a support ticket if well, I can't get onto it xD
EXGenesis wrote:
Not sure if its just me, but isn't ATP's DNS down again? It's kinda hard to open a support ticket if well, I can't get onto it xD

Ironic if you want to open a support ticket about it's website being down. ;)

Joking aside, no their website isn't responding for me either.
Great addition, thanks!