RPG Sweeper

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RPG Sweeper
A mix of Minesweeper and an RPG
There should be a download link on the overview tab. You might need to clear your browser's cache so the page displays properly.

Also, the download links are way more subtle than they used to be.
Oh, you're right. I was looking for a big orange button.
I hate Minesweeper, but this is going in my favorites just because of the Talking Heads reference.
Any plans to add in more maps? Perhaps some exploration elements, letting us walk off of different edges besides just heading east? Perhaps with a different layout, maybe different "adventures" you could choose from at the title screen, you could strongly increase the staying power of this game.
I had plans to add other maps, but I wasn't sure it would be that interesting. If it ends up being more of the same its not worth it. Non-linear exploration would be nice, it would change how the game plays, but it would be a lot harder to design maps. Each screen always contains the same number of enemies so I can limit the player's level. If the player becomes too high level for a screen they can click every tile without worry.

I do agree, however, that this concept has more potential. Of all my games, this is the one I'd like to work on the most.
Come on, it's screaming to me: "Update Me"
It's a fun game and a really unique and cool concept, but for that same reason you could have done much much more with it
I've tried to work on an update but its hard to find ways to add content to this game without making it just more of the same. I could add more maps but the gameplay doesn't depend on the shape of the maps. I could add new monsters but the gameplay starts to get boring at the end because when you come to a new screen you can safely defeat most of the enemies there, you just have to look out for a couple of monsters.

I have a few ideas but I'd rather not say much about it until I have more time to work on it.

I like the concept too but there is a reason why minesweeper has seen so few improvements over the years, its just a limited concept.
The best part about limits is that they aren't real =)
Awesome game, BYOND needs more of these.
Awesome game! I'm not good at Minesweeper though so this gives me trouble, haha.
Actually took the time to play this and... I'm impressed!
Great, Polished and fun game. Well done.
Great game, and very fun. I intend to play more.
Best Game Evar,but I have a problem.Every time i click the 3 games I get a error, can someonehelp?
- End game leaves you stuck on You Win page without any obvious option to replay.
- Considerations for the flash client.
- Badge interface that pops up and shows you what you have earned and what is still available.
- Consider adding an Easy, Normal, and Hard option. Unlocking Hard could be an option.
- Hard has high level monsters but it also has missing numbers. Providing a slider to determine the amount of missing numbers a player wants would be interesting if the more they gambled, the more they were awarded in terms of high score.
- Consider random map generation of users choice and provide awards for each.
- Provide high score list.
- Provide medal for reaching castle in under 300, 200, and 100 clicks as example.
- Provide medal for reaching castle without killing n, n, and n number of monsters.
- Consider providing loot anytime you take on a higher than your level monster. They may drop a +1 sword that lets you defeat a 5 when you are a 4 but perhaps only one time.
- Possible Items (most are obvious)
- Potion to recover n health
- Shield protects one time from one attack but does not uncover monster when used.
- One time use Sword +1
- Something like infravision spell for on map or surrounding area.
- Try to incorporate instructions into early game play tutorials instead of having players read all the of them.
- Touching a castle gives you a potion to use instead of having to walk all the way back. Going back is neat but slightly annoying as well.
- Provide an endless mode for high score but increase the difficultly which each generated map.
- Press h for help displayed entire time and/or works the entire time
- Provide a monster key or perhaps display number on hover.
- Provide an in-game menu for things like help, restart, credits, and etc
- No numbers challenge for award
- A large monster comes from behind you and prevents you from going back in sort of a time trial. Reaching the castle saves the land and slays the monster which animates in and dies as part of the victory. I see a dragon which scorches each map or column as it reaches it.
- Multi-Player...
- Same map and players can see each others mobs but that's about it. It becomes a visual and exciting race to the finish.
- Co-op where each player only sees half the numbers so they must work together.
- Possible click fuse over a tile that if clicked within 3 seconds, a +1 is added to the attack. Players need to work together on occasion to defeat the extra high monsters.
- Keep missing when I level. perhaps some big text or something. i noticed it the first time but it seems like never again.
Very fun, and somewhat addictive in my opinion.
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